We’re back

Well after a 10+ hr flight we are back in Vancouver. Zoe was really good on the plane, we left at 5:30pm (Beijing time) and arrived at about 4am (Beijing time) noon Vancouver time.

Zoe and Steve had about 3 hours of sleep on the plane ride. They did not have Zoe’s kids meal but we had lots of snacks and the flight attendant went into business and took one of their fruit salad for her.

When we got off the plane our stroller was waiting with the front wheel sitting beside it. I tried to pop it back on but it was broken and a part missing. The people who unloaded were no where to be found. One of the flight crew was very helpful and got someone to take it to the baggage claim area for us, where we were to make a claim for damages.

So we traipsed through the airport with 2 carry on bags, Zoe and her carseat all being carried. We claimed our luggage and went to file our claim. They asked where the stroller was because no one had brought it down yet. So they took all the info then called the baggage department to find out where the stroller was and we waited and waited.

It was about 30 minutes. They had told us we had to take the stroller to a shop they used to repair strollers and if they couldn’t fix it they would replace it. But when after 30 minutes no one could locate it they told us we could spend up to $180USD on a new stroller and mail them the receipt then they would reimburse us. That was great.

Then it was off to Avis to get our rental car where there was some kind of problem and it too took a very long time to get the car. We ended up with a Cadillac that barely fit all our luggage. It does look very pretty though.

Thankfully the Hilton at Metrotown was great as usal and the bellmen remembered us and helped us get a bigger room and the perks we wanted. They are also working on a way to cut back our valet parking costs. So it is now about 6pm Thursday but it is 10:30 am Friday for us and Zoe and Steve have had little sleep and I have had none so we will likely all be in bed very soon. And if we all make it through until morning we may be ok.

If not please be patient and don’t be offended if we don’t get around to you this week. We will be back on the 17th for 2 weeks and will get everyone in then. Well I should go I am nodding off while typing.

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