Snow in Vancouver, Back in Redmond

Well it was a whirlwind week in Vancouver for Zoe, complete with a snow storm. That was a big surprise. Zoe liked to watch the snow fall from the hotel room but didn’t want to touch it when we were outside.

It made our outings to the mall trickier too as the stroller slipped and got stuck a lot. We are now down in Redmond and hope to visit all of our friends here. Steve is working so we will be on our own for the next two weeks during the day to go and visit and have lunch with people.

We are staying right at Redmond Town Center so Zoe and I have restaurants and shops right outside plus it is in downtown Redmond so we can walk around to other places. Right now Zoe and Daddy are out exploring so I can have some quiet time. I can’t get the computer hooked up to the net though so I am typing this in Word. I will get Steve to set it up for me later. Well the battery is going to die so I will end this now.

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