Vacation has gotten off to a bad start

So Steve is now offically on vacation. Yesterday he drove Zoe and I up to Burnaby 2 days ahead of schedule because the power was out at our hotel in Redmond and we didn’t know when it would be restored. If you didn’t see the news there were massive power outages in the Seattle area so crews had thier work cut out for them and there were trees and tree bits everywhere. He was then going to go back for the night and drive up with the rest of our stuff today.

OK you may wonder why all our stuff didn’t come up in our first trip and it is because the car we got from AVIS was too small. If it had not been for the problem with our stroller at the airport we would of not all fit on arrival. Steve took a seperate car down to Redmond because we stayed for a week up here then drove down and met him. Zoe and I were going to take the train up tomorrow and he was going to drive our luggage up Sunday as that was the day we originally planned to come up.

So he left us with most of the stuff here last night in the early evening. Today he called at about 1:30pm and he had just gotten back to Redmond. At first I thought he spent the whole night at the casino. But it turns out the caddilac we had broke down in Bellingham at about 6 so Steve called and they said they would send a tow truck and the dealership would fix it. Well fast forward to 11pm and still no tow and now they say the dealership is closed so he has to stay in a hotel for the night which they make him pay for. He had called them repeatedly in between 6 and 11 to see what was going on. Why they couldn’t send a replacement car I don’t know. He now also has a car with US plates (our other one had BC plates) which they said could be a problem at the border. I am hoping there is little traffic and no problems so he can get here by early evening.

Zoe is fighting her nap today and went to bed at 10pm last night and was up at 8. She is currently running around the lounge while I try to type. She is very curious today and has to do things over and over even when she is told not to touch things like the phone. After this we are heading to metrotown so she can maybe get some time climbing on the riding toys and a ride on the train if there isn’t a line. We may even go look at the kitties in the pet store.

We are hoping that the rest of our Christmas vacation will go smoothly and that Steve and I will both find a little time to have some quiet destress time.

PS anyone interested in taking a small toddler full of energy and curiousity for a few hours please feel free to call. I am sure it can be arranged.

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