The weekend is here

Well as you see Steve posted some pics. The first one if from November when Zoe and I first got to Vancouver and there was all that snow. The last one is actually of Zoe before we went to Vancouver talking on our old Ayi Mary’s phone.

It is Saturday morning and Zoe and Steve are downstairs probably watching Toy Story 1 or 2. Zoe has watched those movies at least 20 times this week. She picks the movie she wants to watch and puts in the dvd player herself. She also has about 3 of the baby Einstien videos she picks. We have tried to watch other movies with her but she opens the dvd player takes them out and puts one of the others in. She knows what she likes.

We are going to a kids bookstore today that is supposed to be a great place to hang out with activities for kids. They do have some books in English as well so hopefully Zoe will like that. Last weekend she had to go do what we wanted and it wasn’t much fun for her. Although she did like playing at the Mall we went to and looking at the toy stores. She was not happy she couldn’t play with everything and take it home though.

We have said to Zoe that her birthday is coming up and maybe we will get her a kitchen. This was a mistake because now almost daily she says kitchen, kitchen, kitchen. A couple days ago she said “Kitchen, Daddy Buy” Maybe she will get a present early at this point she doesn’t know when her actual birthday is anyway.

Well that is it for now. Oh if anyone has the email I sent out before I was back on blogger and could forward a copy to Steve that would be great. He thinks I may of said bad stuff about him because I didn’t send him a copy. LOL

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