Our venture into town

Well we went into Phuket Town today. It was of course hot but the smell of dog poop was not expected. We only saw one dog that looked pretty mangey. I am guessing there are a lot and people don’t pick up after them based on the smell. I am sure the heat doesn’t help either. We didn’t buy any souviners. We did buy some stuff for a wood doll house that we are going to get Zoe at some point. She has been playing with the one in the clubhouse here a lot. The stuff was on sale and we can easily slip it in our suitcase. Steve had a nice suit and shirt made they are bringing it to our hotel tomorrow evening for him to have a fitting.

Tonight we dined by the ocean in the steak and seafood resturant. It would of been very romantic with the sunset and ocean breeze but Zoe was a bit of a pistol at dinner so it was a quick gulping of our steak then back to the room. She still refuses to wear her sandals. She got a shovel and pail and beach ball today so tomorrow she can play with those. I am sure she will be wearing her mocisans in the sand once again. Maybe we will even spot the elephant that walks up and down the beach twice a day.

I still have not discovered the hammocks location and think I may have been bamboozled by some slick marketing team into beleiving I could have a relaxing nap swinging in the breeze. I have not searched by the adult only pool so it could be hiding there.

We hope everyone is well and have enjoyed reading about and seeing our vacation photos.

Oh and happy 5th birthday to Aiden. Your train cake looked super cool I hope you had a great day. (I know it is late but I have had no acess to the net until today this week)

Day Three in Phuket, Thailand

Well it is Tuesday. So far the hammock has still eluded me and we have searched quite far and wide. The only area we haven’t gone in is the area around the adult only pool.
Today we went on an Elephant trek and saw a monkey get coconuts from a tree. We also got to sit on the back of a water buffalo then go for a cart ride. We have pictures. Zoe loved it all she really liked when they did the baby elephant presentation and they kicked a soccer ball and danced. She kept clapping and saying more dancing.

Zoe has also been loving the pools. The kid’s pool had a great area she can walk around in and splash and a slide that she goes down with Steve. Today we went to the blue pool and it had a waterfall that she liked touching and going through. She doesn’t like walking on the pavement, grass or sand in bare feet. We haven’t really spent any time at the beach. The sand is really hot except where the water is coming up. We did take Zoe down and dip her feet in which she liked but as soon as her feet touched sand she freaked out. She now wants to wear her moccasins instead of her sandals all the time.

They also have a great kids club here were Zoe can play and they have 2 activities a day. So far she has done some painting and gone on a treasure hunt. Most the things seem to be paint related for her age group. I am guessing because it is an easy thing for them all to do.

Tomorrow we are going to have a car take us into town so we can do a little shopping and site seeing. We are going to check out the tailor where you can get 3 suits (2 and a dress for women), 2 dress shirts/blouses, a reversible kimono, belt and tie/scarf all for $188 US including material and labour. I am curious about it. They say they can have everything done in 24hours too and will deliver it to your hotel for you. There are also a couple of jewelry shops and a big souvenir and craft place I hope to check out. Our hotel is 45 minutes from town which is nice most of the time. It would be good to have a few more restaurant options available.

Day One in Phuket

Well our little princess is sleeping now. We had breakfast, she went swimming with daddy, painted a sand turtle (sand and glued formed into a turtle shape), played in the play area, had a snack and then napped. It is really hot and humid with a nice breeze off the Andaman Ocean.

Our room is nice and faces a little lagoon with a fountain. We have a little deck with a lounge chair, a small table and two other chairs. We also have a little nook that has a couple of floor mats facing a window looking out into the area with the water it is a nice place to lay and read or nap. I have taken to calling it the nap nook. There are lots of paths through here and so far the hammock I saw in the pictures on the website and in the brochure have eluded me. I will keep searching though.

Zoe was thrilled yesterday when we arrived they gave her a little stuffed turtle. Steve and I got a mojito kind of drink without alcohol and a flower lei. The flowers were really pretty but mine made my allergies flare up so they ended up on our little patio.
I also saw a small lizard on the patio today. I took a picture of it so we will see how it turns out later.

Well Zoe should be waking soon then we are off for lunch by the pool and this afternoon a treasure hunt at the kids club.

Thailand here we come

Well we are leaving in about an hour for the airport to go to Thailand. Zoe and Steve are still sleeping because it is 6am. I have been up since 2. I will be going to get in the shower after this. We are very excited and a little nervous about this trip. It will be a new thing to take a vacation with a toddler. We aren’t sure how much relaxation there will be. Hopefully it will be a fun and exciting adventure for us. We hope to see turtles and elephants and will take lots of pictures.

Also to let everyone know we had Zoe’s birthday cake on Thursday when we had friends over. They have 3 daughters the youngest is I think 4. Her and Zoe had a great time together they were walking around holding hands. Zoe was also very excited to show them all her toys and they enjoyed watching Toy Story with her. As I said before she had a Buzz Lightyear cake. I kind of messed it up a bit when I took it out of the box. The word birthday got smudged off so I just put the candle in that spot. Steve took a few pictures and hopefully will post them when we get back.

I may try to post on vacation because we will have the computer and internet acces at the hotel. So be sure to check in this week. Of course I may be having too much fun to find the time.

Happy New Year

Well it is 2 mins to midnight Saturday night and the fireworks started at around 6 and have gotten louder and multiplied. Imagine if everyone in your neighbourhood decided to have a fireworks display that is kind of what it is like. Looking out the den window I can see at least 10 different displays in a row it looks like a whole block is going. No matter which direction you look you will see at least 4 or 5 different people setting them off. There are loud booms and a continuious noise that sounds like a hailstorm when you are in your car. So far Zoe has slept through it all which is great. I am sure Steve is sound asleep by now also. I find it hard to sleep with random bangs and booms.

Maybe we will come home at this time next year to avoid the noise. We did look at the fireworks for awhile but it is only amusing for so long. After tonight it should start going down and stop by the end of the week.

We will be home most of this week because our driver and ayi have until Thursday off. Quite a few of the resturants and shops are closed all or part of the week too. The Mexican place we like and one of the Italian places is open though.

On Thursday we are having some people over for dinner. They had us over when we came to check it out last March. I decided to do Zoe’s birthday cake that day because a cake is too much for just the three of us. So with 8 it will be better and then there will be some kids here too. We went to the cake shop so we could order one and they had cute princess cakes, barbie ones, dora, many girly ones but Zoe saw the Buzz Lightyear one and got excited so that is the one we are getting. I will take a picture and get Steve to post it.

Right now my pet peeve is that it seems to be nearly impossible to find measuring cups and spoons here. I have looked at several large western supermarkets, the baking supply store, department stores, and houseware places. Apparently they do not measure things here the same way. I did see something with ML measurments on it at Ikea it was for measuring liquor. So Steve is going to pick some up for me when he goes to Redmond for work at the end of March. I found Tupperware at one of the supermarkets and have bought a few containers but none with measurements on them.

Oh well we hope everyone has a great year of the Golden Pig. It only happens once every 60 years and those born in the year of the Golden Pig are said to have very happy and lucky lives.

Happy Valentines Day

Well Valentines Day is over for us but it is 8:15pm on Valentines Day for most of our friends and family. Steve and I did not exchange gifts we are going to Thailand on the 24th and that is a good present for both of us. I did make cards for Zoe and Steve. Zoe opened hers and Steves. Steve and I did leave her with her sitter last night and went out for a nice dinner alone.

She really enjoys opening stuff. She was very excited last week when a package arrived from her Papa and Grandma (the Macbeths) She was happy opening the cards until she saw the presents and had them unwrapped before I could take everything out of the box. She loved her videos and her picture. She carries the picture around with her and gives it kisses. Now when she gets something and you ask who gave it to her she says Papa. If it is clothes then she says Kaiya.

The only pj’s she will wear right now are the ones she got from Kaiya and family. If you try to put other ones on her she yells no Kaiya. She is very assertive when she wants something and can make her feelings known. She also asks you what you are doing a lot. She says “doing?” or “what doing”. She takes the black and white stuffed cat everywhere with her and likes to wrap it up like a baby. She is still obssessed with Toy Story 1 & 2. She will say Buzz, Woody over and over again if she wants to watch it. I have tried to limit her to once a day so she will put other things in now or we turn off the tv and put music on and dance. She loves to dance but not when you hold her. She also sometimes will yell at you to stop because she doesn’t want you to dance with her.

Well that is it for today. Maybe this weekend I will write a bit about the New Year her the year of the Pig. And let you in on some funny things I have found on the movie boxes we have gotten here.

Random Ramblings

Last night Zoe went down in her bed awake and went to sleep on her own. She even asked to just be put in her bed after Steve read her The Little Boy and His Drum (one of his favourties as a kid). He reads it to her almost every night. Sometimes she picks Were the Wild Things Are. She is having good and bad days with the potty. On Monday she went in the potty everytime she peed. The rest of the week she has shown no intrest.

I will try to get the pics we have up so everyone can see her. I don’t think she has changed much but we will definately put some up from her birthday. We aren’t going to do much because we haven’t met any kids her age yet really. If we ask what she is getting for her birthday she says kitchen. We are getting her a little play kitchen for her birthday. Today she said she wanted a hat too because one of her books someone had a party hat on so I will get her a hat too. We will take a pic of her with the pooh bear. Maybe I will get Steve to post the pic from her first birthday with pooh and the new one then everyone can see how much she has changed in a year.

Well a year ago at this time is when Steve and I were getting ready for me and Zoe to come over and see if we would be willing to move here. A lot has changed for us this year. Now we are coming up to the Chinese New Year. They don’t make resolutions.

We hope you are all well and we will try to keep this up to date and to start posting pics regularly. Maybe I will get Steve to show me how to do it then I don’t have to wait for him to have free time.

MSRA Party

Well sorry it took awhile but I was really sick this weekend and didn’t get out of bed from Friday night until Monday morning.

Anyway Friday evening we went to the big MSRA annual party. It was formal so Steve wore his kilt and I wore a long navy blue dress with my tartan sash to match Steve. It was a the Crowne Plaza hotel and there were a lot of people there. The food was ok mostly things I wouldn’t eat but I had some great chicken consume and fruit Steve ate a few other things there was a lot of seafood. During most of the dinner and until the end of the evening there was a show put on by the employees. This show is taken seriously and professional coreographers and directors help set it up and coach. They also have costumes and stuff too. I should of taken my camera. Here is a bit of info on how the show went. Steve was supposed to be in it but refused and it would of been really funny to see him the the gold lamae outfit from the act he would of been in.

Ok the MC’s welcome everyone this is done in in English and Chinese. Most of the rest of the Evening is in Chinese. The big bosses say a few things there is some joking about formal dress. All of the tables were also marked with movie titles we sat at Schindlers List. Beside us were Pulp Fiction and Finding Nemo. There was never anything that explained that naming process.

Then several people dressed like cats (think of the musical, spandex, makeup the whole nine yards) come out. They dance to Jellico Cats I recognized the tune and those 2 words because they are in english. Continuing on the cats theme 2 more people come out and sing Memories in english (I beleive the first few acts are lipscynced). Next it is a couple songs from Phantom of the Opera done by 4 more employees much less theatrics for those ones. Concluding the tribute to musicals I guess.

More chatter from the MC’s and a skit by 3 guys all in Chinese they seem to represent different types of chinese culture or something. We are told they want to win the prizes in the lucky draw and are upset that only employees and their spouses/partners can win them. (they are basically there to fill time between acts). There are several draws throughout the show and people win things like, phones, monitors, and an X-box.

The second portion of the show is people actually singing. (kareoke is big here there are KTV places everywhere) Mostly couples who are introuduced as John Doe and Girlfriend or Jane Doe and Husband. The non employee just gets their relation to the person. All the songs are in Chinese and all are slow and a little too long.

Then the skit Steve would of been in comes on. It has a young lady in the front with a gold outfit on she is supposed to be like one of the godesses with the many arms. Behind her are several of the managers in gold lamae with the long pointy gold things on their fingers. They do a dance that was very well timed and all her extra arms do a great job. One of the guys who always goes to the dumpling place with us John was in it. It was quiet funny.

There is a fashion show that Steve’s boss and his wife are in along with several other people. There is a slide show all in Chinese. (It would of been nice if they had at least put english subtitles up for some of the stuff.

Then after about 2 hours the last award of the night is presented to the most romantic couple/best dressed couple. Well Steve and I won that and had to go on stage. We received a plaque, movie card, and gift certificate to a cantonese resturant for dinner for 2. There were several people wanting to take pictures with us afterwards and it was strange for all these people to want to have a picture with me. Now I know how Zoe feels.

Well that is pretty long. I have a few other things to write about but I will save them for another day. On a side note Zoe did very well with her babysitter Meaghan. Steve checked in several times and she hardly missed us at all. We found them snuggled on the couch sleeping together when we got home.