MSRA Party

Well sorry it took awhile but I was really sick this weekend and didn’t get out of bed from Friday night until Monday morning.

Anyway Friday evening we went to the big MSRA annual party. It was formal so Steve wore his kilt and I wore a long navy blue dress with my tartan sash to match Steve. It was a the Crowne Plaza hotel and there were a lot of people there. The food was ok mostly things I wouldn’t eat but I had some great chicken consume and fruit Steve ate a few other things there was a lot of seafood. During most of the dinner and until the end of the evening there was a show put on by the employees. This show is taken seriously and professional coreographers and directors help set it up and coach. They also have costumes and stuff too. I should of taken my camera. Here is a bit of info on how the show went. Steve was supposed to be in it but refused and it would of been really funny to see him the the gold lamae outfit from the act he would of been in.

Ok the MC’s welcome everyone this is done in in English and Chinese. Most of the rest of the Evening is in Chinese. The big bosses say a few things there is some joking about formal dress. All of the tables were also marked with movie titles we sat at Schindlers List. Beside us were Pulp Fiction and Finding Nemo. There was never anything that explained that naming process.

Then several people dressed like cats (think of the musical, spandex, makeup the whole nine yards) come out. They dance to Jellico Cats I recognized the tune and those 2 words because they are in english. Continuing on the cats theme 2 more people come out and sing Memories in english (I beleive the first few acts are lipscynced). Next it is a couple songs from Phantom of the Opera done by 4 more employees much less theatrics for those ones. Concluding the tribute to musicals I guess.

More chatter from the MC’s and a skit by 3 guys all in Chinese they seem to represent different types of chinese culture or something. We are told they want to win the prizes in the lucky draw and are upset that only employees and their spouses/partners can win them. (they are basically there to fill time between acts). There are several draws throughout the show and people win things like, phones, monitors, and an X-box.

The second portion of the show is people actually singing. (kareoke is big here there are KTV places everywhere) Mostly couples who are introuduced as John Doe and Girlfriend or Jane Doe and Husband. The non employee just gets their relation to the person. All the songs are in Chinese and all are slow and a little too long.

Then the skit Steve would of been in comes on. It has a young lady in the front with a gold outfit on she is supposed to be like one of the godesses with the many arms. Behind her are several of the managers in gold lamae with the long pointy gold things on their fingers. They do a dance that was very well timed and all her extra arms do a great job. One of the guys who always goes to the dumpling place with us John was in it. It was quiet funny.

There is a fashion show that Steve’s boss and his wife are in along with several other people. There is a slide show all in Chinese. (It would of been nice if they had at least put english subtitles up for some of the stuff.

Then after about 2 hours the last award of the night is presented to the most romantic couple/best dressed couple. Well Steve and I won that and had to go on stage. We received a plaque, movie card, and gift certificate to a cantonese resturant for dinner for 2. There were several people wanting to take pictures with us afterwards and it was strange for all these people to want to have a picture with me. Now I know how Zoe feels.

Well that is pretty long. I have a few other things to write about but I will save them for another day. On a side note Zoe did very well with her babysitter Meaghan. Steve checked in several times and she hardly missed us at all. We found them snuggled on the couch sleeping together when we got home.

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