Random Ramblings

Last night Zoe went down in her bed awake and went to sleep on her own. She even asked to just be put in her bed after Steve read her The Little Boy and His Drum (one of his favourties as a kid). He reads it to her almost every night. Sometimes she picks Were the Wild Things Are. She is having good and bad days with the potty. On Monday she went in the potty everytime she peed. The rest of the week she has shown no intrest.

I will try to get the pics we have up so everyone can see her. I don’t think she has changed much but we will definately put some up from her birthday. We aren’t going to do much because we haven’t met any kids her age yet really. If we ask what she is getting for her birthday she says kitchen. We are getting her a little play kitchen for her birthday. Today she said she wanted a hat too because one of her books someone had a party hat on so I will get her a hat too. We will take a pic of her with the pooh bear. Maybe I will get Steve to post the pic from her first birthday with pooh and the new one then everyone can see how much she has changed in a year.

Well a year ago at this time is when Steve and I were getting ready for me and Zoe to come over and see if we would be willing to move here. A lot has changed for us this year. Now we are coming up to the Chinese New Year. They don’t make resolutions.

We hope you are all well and we will try to keep this up to date and to start posting pics regularly. Maybe I will get Steve to show me how to do it then I don’t have to wait for him to have free time.

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