Happy Valentines Day

Well Valentines Day is over for us but it is 8:15pm on Valentines Day for most of our friends and family. Steve and I did not exchange gifts we are going to Thailand on the 24th and that is a good present for both of us. I did make cards for Zoe and Steve. Zoe opened hers and Steves. Steve and I did leave her with her sitter last night and went out for a nice dinner alone.

She really enjoys opening stuff. She was very excited last week when a package arrived from her Papa and Grandma (the Macbeths) She was happy opening the cards until she saw the presents and had them unwrapped before I could take everything out of the box. She loved her videos and her picture. She carries the picture around with her and gives it kisses. Now when she gets something and you ask who gave it to her she says Papa. If it is clothes then she says Kaiya.

The only pj’s she will wear right now are the ones she got from Kaiya and family. If you try to put other ones on her she yells no Kaiya. She is very assertive when she wants something and can make her feelings known. She also asks you what you are doing a lot. She says “doing?” or “what doing”. She takes the black and white stuffed cat everywhere with her and likes to wrap it up like a baby. She is still obssessed with Toy Story 1 & 2. She will say Buzz, Woody over and over again if she wants to watch it. I have tried to limit her to once a day so she will put other things in now or we turn off the tv and put music on and dance. She loves to dance but not when you hold her. She also sometimes will yell at you to stop because she doesn’t want you to dance with her.

Well that is it for today. Maybe this weekend I will write a bit about the New Year her the year of the Pig. And let you in on some funny things I have found on the movie boxes we have gotten here.

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