Happy New Year

Well it is 2 mins to midnight Saturday night and the fireworks started at around 6 and have gotten louder and multiplied. Imagine if everyone in your neighbourhood decided to have a fireworks display that is kind of what it is like. Looking out the den window I can see at least 10 different displays in a row it looks like a whole block is going. No matter which direction you look you will see at least 4 or 5 different people setting them off. There are loud booms and a continuious noise that sounds like a hailstorm when you are in your car. So far Zoe has slept through it all which is great. I am sure Steve is sound asleep by now also. I find it hard to sleep with random bangs and booms.

Maybe we will come home at this time next year to avoid the noise. We did look at the fireworks for awhile but it is only amusing for so long. After tonight it should start going down and stop by the end of the week.

We will be home most of this week because our driver and ayi have until Thursday off. Quite a few of the resturants and shops are closed all or part of the week too. The Mexican place we like and one of the Italian places is open though.

On Thursday we are having some people over for dinner. They had us over when we came to check it out last March. I decided to do Zoe’s birthday cake that day because a cake is too much for just the three of us. So with 8 it will be better and then there will be some kids here too. We went to the cake shop so we could order one and they had cute princess cakes, barbie ones, dora, many girly ones but Zoe saw the Buzz Lightyear one and got excited so that is the one we are getting. I will take a picture and get Steve to post it.

Right now my pet peeve is that it seems to be nearly impossible to find measuring cups and spoons here. I have looked at several large western supermarkets, the baking supply store, department stores, and houseware places. Apparently they do not measure things here the same way. I did see something with ML measurments on it at Ikea it was for measuring liquor. So Steve is going to pick some up for me when he goes to Redmond for work at the end of March. I found Tupperware at one of the supermarkets and have bought a few containers but none with measurements on them.

Oh well we hope everyone has a great year of the Golden Pig. It only happens once every 60 years and those born in the year of the Golden Pig are said to have very happy and lucky lives.

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