Thailand here we come

Well we are leaving in about an hour for the airport to go to Thailand. Zoe and Steve are still sleeping because it is 6am. I have been up since 2. I will be going to get in the shower after this. We are very excited and a little nervous about this trip. It will be a new thing to take a vacation with a toddler. We aren’t sure how much relaxation there will be. Hopefully it will be a fun and exciting adventure for us. We hope to see turtles and elephants and will take lots of pictures.

Also to let everyone know we had Zoe’s birthday cake on Thursday when we had friends over. They have 3 daughters the youngest is I think 4. Her and Zoe had a great time together they were walking around holding hands. Zoe was also very excited to show them all her toys and they enjoyed watching Toy Story with her. As I said before she had a Buzz Lightyear cake. I kind of messed it up a bit when I took it out of the box. The word birthday got smudged off so I just put the candle in that spot. Steve took a few pictures and hopefully will post them when we get back.

I may try to post on vacation because we will have the computer and internet acces at the hotel. So be sure to check in this week. Of course I may be having too much fun to find the time.

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