Day One in Phuket

Well our little princess is sleeping now. We had breakfast, she went swimming with daddy, painted a sand turtle (sand and glued formed into a turtle shape), played in the play area, had a snack and then napped. It is really hot and humid with a nice breeze off the Andaman Ocean.

Our room is nice and faces a little lagoon with a fountain. We have a little deck with a lounge chair, a small table and two other chairs. We also have a little nook that has a couple of floor mats facing a window looking out into the area with the water it is a nice place to lay and read or nap. I have taken to calling it the nap nook. There are lots of paths through here and so far the hammock I saw in the pictures on the website and in the brochure have eluded me. I will keep searching though.

Zoe was thrilled yesterday when we arrived they gave her a little stuffed turtle. Steve and I got a mojito kind of drink without alcohol and a flower lei. The flowers were really pretty but mine made my allergies flare up so they ended up on our little patio.
I also saw a small lizard on the patio today. I took a picture of it so we will see how it turns out later.

Well Zoe should be waking soon then we are off for lunch by the pool and this afternoon a treasure hunt at the kids club.

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