Day Three in Phuket, Thailand

Well it is Tuesday. So far the hammock has still eluded me and we have searched quite far and wide. The only area we haven’t gone in is the area around the adult only pool.
Today we went on an Elephant trek and saw a monkey get coconuts from a tree. We also got to sit on the back of a water buffalo then go for a cart ride. We have pictures. Zoe loved it all she really liked when they did the baby elephant presentation and they kicked a soccer ball and danced. She kept clapping and saying more dancing.

Zoe has also been loving the pools. The kid’s pool had a great area she can walk around in and splash and a slide that she goes down with Steve. Today we went to the blue pool and it had a waterfall that she liked touching and going through. She doesn’t like walking on the pavement, grass or sand in bare feet. We haven’t really spent any time at the beach. The sand is really hot except where the water is coming up. We did take Zoe down and dip her feet in which she liked but as soon as her feet touched sand she freaked out. She now wants to wear her moccasins instead of her sandals all the time.

They also have a great kids club here were Zoe can play and they have 2 activities a day. So far she has done some painting and gone on a treasure hunt. Most the things seem to be paint related for her age group. I am guessing because it is an easy thing for them all to do.

Tomorrow we are going to have a car take us into town so we can do a little shopping and site seeing. We are going to check out the tailor where you can get 3 suits (2 and a dress for women), 2 dress shirts/blouses, a reversible kimono, belt and tie/scarf all for $188 US including material and labour. I am curious about it. They say they can have everything done in 24hours too and will deliver it to your hotel for you. There are also a couple of jewelry shops and a big souvenir and craft place I hope to check out. Our hotel is 45 minutes from town which is nice most of the time. It would be good to have a few more restaurant options available.

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