Our venture into town

Well we went into Phuket Town today. It was of course hot but the smell of dog poop was not expected. We only saw one dog that looked pretty mangey. I am guessing there are a lot and people don’t pick up after them based on the smell. I am sure the heat doesn’t help either. We didn’t buy any souviners. We did buy some stuff for a wood doll house that we are going to get Zoe at some point. She has been playing with the one in the clubhouse here a lot. The stuff was on sale and we can easily slip it in our suitcase. Steve had a nice suit and shirt made they are bringing it to our hotel tomorrow evening for him to have a fitting.

Tonight we dined by the ocean in the steak and seafood resturant. It would of been very romantic with the sunset and ocean breeze but Zoe was a bit of a pistol at dinner so it was a quick gulping of our steak then back to the room. She still refuses to wear her sandals. She got a shovel and pail and beach ball today so tomorrow she can play with those. I am sure she will be wearing her mocisans in the sand once again. Maybe we will even spot the elephant that walks up and down the beach twice a day.

I still have not discovered the hammocks location and think I may have been bamboozled by some slick marketing team into beleiving I could have a relaxing nap swinging in the breeze. I have not searched by the adult only pool so it could be hiding there.

We hope everyone is well and have enjoyed reading about and seeing our vacation photos.

Oh and happy 5th birthday to Aiden. Your train cake looked super cool I hope you had a great day. (I know it is late but I have had no acess to the net until today this week)

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