In Just 2 years

I was thinking yesterday about all the things Zoe had done by the time she was 2 that I it took me well into adulthood to do and some may never do. Not the normal things like talking, walking ect…

Here are a few of them:

1) Visited 4 countries USA, Canada, China, Thailand. I made it to 4 on my honeymoon when I was 29.

2) Rode an elephant. I know several others here probably rode the elephant at the Game Farm like I did when I was young.

3) Flown in buisness class and sat in the top floor section of a plane. We did these things on the way to Thailand and on the way home. We got to sit in the upstairs on the flight back I had always wanted to do that.

4) Been to several historical sites including, The Forbidden City, Yonghegong (Lama Temple), and Tianement Square

I am sure there are other things I can’t think of right now too. By the time we leave here she may have added a couple more countries to her list and hopefully a couple Disney Parks. We are going to the Hong Kong one next month and may go to the one in Paris in the fall. We hope to get to Japan this fall or winter too and maybe to Singapore and a few other places in the south.

Zoe will be a seasoned traveller by the time we get back which could be good. After so many 11 hour flights between China and Canada anything shorter will be no big deal. Maybe she will be a world travler when she grows up. She likely will not remember any of the stuff on the above list because who remembers much of what happened when they were 2 let alone before they were 2. There will be a lot of pictures for her to look at though to show all the fun things she did when she was young. Maybe even a scrapbook if I get motivated to get it together.

Right now she has brought her chair into my craft room and is trying to stand on it to see what she can find on the desk or the shelves in here. She is the master of finding candy. If it is hidden she will uncover it and have it eaten before you know it. It is impossible to hid it from her.

Also I must say I did go for a bit of retail therapy yesterday at Ikea. I bought shelves and a desk for my craft room, a dresser and lamps for the guest room, and a buffet for the dining room along with a few small things and a lot of red licorce ropes. It was all delivered and assembled today and they took all the garbage. That service cost me a whopping $15US. I will miss that when we get home. Our house is starting to look a bit like the Ikea catalog. We have so many of the Billy bookcases now. I have 2 in my craft room with a desk and a dining table because the desks here are all on the small side. The dining table isn’t very big either.

I may go to the market this week and pick up some other little decorative things so this place doesn’t seem so bare. I would like to get some pictures or something to go on the white walls. Maybe I will go get some more fish and put them in several rooms. Well maybe I will wait a month or two to see if I still want to take care of them.

Another Hazy day in Beijing

Well today the weather forcast actually says Haze. That means it looks kind of foggy and we will probably stay indoors today. I don’t generally like to venture outside on days like today because it is yucky and sometimes hard to breathe right.

Steve left yesterday for Redmond and is out with his friends Chris and Sean. He just called and they are heading downtown for dinner in Seattle. It is still St. Patricks Day there so it should be a crazy evening for them. Steve will be in Redmond until Saturday then he goes to Vegas for the weekend then back home to us. So he will get lots of poker playing in.

Zoe seems to like walking more now. Before she would want to picked up every few feet but now she walks all the way to the clubhouse by herself. Hopefully she keeps this up because she is getting far to big to carry. She is getting easier for me to understand although she still says some things that I have no clue about. When this happens she keeps saying it getting more and more frustrated but this happens less now. She does now say Love you. (sounds like lub yew) If a person other than Steve or I say I love you to her she says “No mommy love”. She just brought me in her little teacup and plate saying hot tea. She really likes to play with her kitchen and is always bringing me tea and other food. She takes the cups and plates back a lot too saying different plate or different cup so you have to eat and drink a lot of stuff. Her new favourites to watch are now Monsters Inc and Finding Nemo. She alternates between these all the time or watches one over and over. She will still say Buzz and Woody but never picks them to play.

I have managed to keep the three fish alive for a week now and am quiet happy with that. Zoe calls them Mommy, Daddy and Zoe. If they make it to a month I will take them out and give there bowl and rocks a good cleaning. Right now I just take half the water out every 2 or 3 days and replace it. The fish who normally are skiddish when you near the bowl and swim to the opposite side and to the bottom are bold when I am scooping out water and swim around the cup I use. I almost ended up with one of them in it. So far I haven’t touched any of them by accident. Yesterday I noticed they go to the bathroom alot. Everytime I looked at them at least two of them were going. No wonder the tank gets murky so fast.

We haven’t really done anything very exciting lately so there isn’t much going on around here. We are still hoping Zoe will start school next month as planned. I am thinking about going to the clubhouse where the school is and taking a peek at how far along they have come. Well this has been a long entry to say nothing very exciting so that is all for now. Hope everyone is well and enjoying reading what we are up to.

And then there were 3

Well we lost one of our fish on the first night. Hopefully we can keep the other 3 alive for awhile longer. The conditions at the market were worse than the ones here I think. They had big trays (like a buspan tray) full of water and fish all swimming around. Then they drain extra water from the display ones they have set up into them if you buy them. We bought a display one that is how I know. The water was overflowing in the basin and I thought some of the fish might actually be swept out and over the edge onto the floor. None were though.

It is now 10:45pm Sunday and Zoe and Steve are sleeping in our bed. The last few days Zoe has started throwing major fits and screaming like she was being killed when she doesn’t get what she wants. Tonight after about 45 mins to an hour of rocking her I put her down and she woke up as soon as I started up the stairs and was crying. Steve went down to try to put her back to sleep and she screamed for 30 mins so he brought her upstairs where she was quiet happy to chat away and watch tv until her and Steve went to sleep at 10. I am hoping this is a short phase.

Steve is going to be going to Redmond for work next Saturday so we well be alone for a week and I am hoping she goes down easy. If not I may have to start using earplugs and letting her cry for awhile. She will tire herself out eventually. Steve also goes on a work thing a week after he gets back from Tues – Fri so we will be on our own then too, but hopefully by then her school will be open and she will be there for a good chunk of the day.

Steve went and looked at the school to see if it looked close to being done. They had told us it was just the finishing touches. He said it looked like there was just a shell with no flooring, electrical or anything. I think I may go look again this week. They say on their website that they are having an open house there on March 31st. If they are not open by then I think we may try to put Zoe in school somewhere eles. There is another school just down the road that looks nice. It is for 2-5 year olds only and is also Montessori. We wouldn’t be able to walk but Steve could drop her on the way to work and I could go get her in the afternoons.

Also in the future if you are wanting to mail us something please ask us for our US address as we do not seem to receive anything that is sent through regular mail. I suspect that it is being delivered to the wrong house in the complex and the person just assumes it is for someone who used to live there and throws it out most the time. I have a pile of mail delivered to us in error that I am going to get to the managment office this week so they can deliver it to the right people.

We have some new family members

Today we went out and bought some goldfish. For $6US and some change we bought the following, 4 goldfish, a big fish bowl/vase, plants for fishbowl, rocks for the bottom, and fish food. Hopefully we can keep them alive for awhile. I will try to get a picture of them put up on the web so everyone can see them. I am sure Zoe will name them all two or Zoe as that seems to be her answer to what is his/her name all the time. We are going to a new mall called The Place later today. It has an Aldo and other western stores in it. It also has a light show on the outdoor ceiling like freemont street in Vegas.

Zoe is 2

Time sure flies our little peanut is now 2 years old. She didn’t get her kitchen today but we are hoping to get it for her tomorow. She did get a My Little Pony and a Play Doh kit. She has a few other things coming once we get the kitchen sorted. She also has some new doll house toys but doesn’t have the dollhouse yet. She will probably get that at Easter.

She didn’t have a great start for her birthday with the trip to the doctors where she got two shots. She is 83.6cm and 13kg or 33.44 inches and 28.6lbs. Which means if the formula is true if you double her height she should be 66.88 inches or about 5’5″ to 5’6″ when she is finished growing.

She had fun most of the day. She spent the majority of it with her daddy because mommy was sick and daddy stayed home today. She also got a call from Grandma (Macbeth) but as Toy Story was on she was not much of a conversationalist. She does speak in longer sentences now and know the meaning of more complex sentences. Sometimes we don’t realize she can understand what we are saying until she does something we don’t want her to. So now we have to be very careful what we say and do. She loves to copy and often will repeat things over and over once she has learned them.

One Hour in Bangkok

Ok so we are here for about 2 hours. But I have the song One Night in Bangkok in my head right now. We are done with our vacation and are currently in the lounge (we flew buisiness class) having snacks and drinks waiting for our flight to Beijing. It was a good trip no sunburns Zoe has a scrapped up knee but other than that everyone is unharmed. Flying business has been great but now it will suck even more to go in economy. We are thinking of going to Paris this October and coming back here next February.

Zoe’s favourite part was definately the elephants followed by swimming and playing in the playroom. I went to the spa last night and had a lurlur scrub and foot massage that was awsome. Steve liked swimming with Zoe because he was enjoying the view of people in bikinis. Although there were a few that should of had on a bit more. Like the lady who was in her 50’s the same size as me and wearing a bikini that looked at least one size too small. She was with a young girl who had a gstring bikini on that Steve enjoyed.

There were a lot of families and older people. It is not an exciting place for people who want to party and club as everything closes early so there were not a lot of teens or early 20 somethings out and about. All and all it was a great vacation for us.

Final Day in Phuket

Well it is our last day here. I started the day being sick so I had to cancel my spa time. It is 4:30 now and I am feeling better so I may try to get in this evening. I have a cupon for the spa so I want to use it. Zoe and Steve went swimming this morning it will be Zoe’s last one she really loves the pool here. We are thinking of coming back next year during the Chinese New Year. Our bus comes to pick us up and take us to the airport at 5am tomorrow so I don’t think we will be staying up too late tonight. We hope everyone has enjoyed reading about our vacation and looking at our pictures.

Other things going on: Zoe’s school will not open on the 5th now it looks like it will be April before she starts school. The workers were not able to finish everything before they were off for the New Year holiday (for 4 weeks) so they are now back and finishing things up. This also means that I will have to take Zoe with me to pick up her birthday present or we will have to go on Sunday and do it. That is all for now.