Final Day in Phuket

Well it is our last day here. I started the day being sick so I had to cancel my spa time. It is 4:30 now and I am feeling better so I may try to get in this evening. I have a cupon for the spa so I want to use it. Zoe and Steve went swimming this morning it will be Zoe’s last one she really loves the pool here. We are thinking of coming back next year during the Chinese New Year. Our bus comes to pick us up and take us to the airport at 5am tomorrow so I don’t think we will be staying up too late tonight. We hope everyone has enjoyed reading about our vacation and looking at our pictures.

Other things going on: Zoe’s school will not open on the 5th now it looks like it will be April before she starts school. The workers were not able to finish everything before they were off for the New Year holiday (for 4 weeks) so they are now back and finishing things up. This also means that I will have to take Zoe with me to pick up her birthday present or we will have to go on Sunday and do it. That is all for now.

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