One Hour in Bangkok

Ok so we are here for about 2 hours. But I have the song One Night in Bangkok in my head right now. We are done with our vacation and are currently in the lounge (we flew buisiness class) having snacks and drinks waiting for our flight to Beijing. It was a good trip no sunburns Zoe has a scrapped up knee but other than that everyone is unharmed. Flying business has been great but now it will suck even more to go in economy. We are thinking of going to Paris this October and coming back here next February.

Zoe’s favourite part was definately the elephants followed by swimming and playing in the playroom. I went to the spa last night and had a lurlur scrub and foot massage that was awsome. Steve liked swimming with Zoe because he was enjoying the view of people in bikinis. Although there were a few that should of had on a bit more. Like the lady who was in her 50’s the same size as me and wearing a bikini that looked at least one size too small. She was with a young girl who had a gstring bikini on that Steve enjoyed.

There were a lot of families and older people. It is not an exciting place for people who want to party and club as everything closes early so there were not a lot of teens or early 20 somethings out and about. All and all it was a great vacation for us.

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