Zoe is 2

Time sure flies our little peanut is now 2 years old. She didn’t get her kitchen today but we are hoping to get it for her tomorow. She did get a My Little Pony and a Play Doh kit. She has a few other things coming once we get the kitchen sorted. She also has some new doll house toys but doesn’t have the dollhouse yet. She will probably get that at Easter.

She didn’t have a great start for her birthday with the trip to the doctors where she got two shots. She is 83.6cm and 13kg or 33.44 inches and 28.6lbs. Which means if the formula is true if you double her height she should be 66.88 inches or about 5’5″ to 5’6″ when she is finished growing.

She had fun most of the day. She spent the majority of it with her daddy because mommy was sick and daddy stayed home today. She also got a call from Grandma (Macbeth) but as Toy Story was on she was not much of a conversationalist. She does speak in longer sentences now and know the meaning of more complex sentences. Sometimes we don’t realize she can understand what we are saying until she does something we don’t want her to. So now we have to be very careful what we say and do. She loves to copy and often will repeat things over and over once she has learned them.

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