And then there were 3

Well we lost one of our fish on the first night. Hopefully we can keep the other 3 alive for awhile longer. The conditions at the market were worse than the ones here I think. They had big trays (like a buspan tray) full of water and fish all swimming around. Then they drain extra water from the display ones they have set up into them if you buy them. We bought a display one that is how I know. The water was overflowing in the basin and I thought some of the fish might actually be swept out and over the edge onto the floor. None were though.

It is now 10:45pm Sunday and Zoe and Steve are sleeping in our bed. The last few days Zoe has started throwing major fits and screaming like she was being killed when she doesn’t get what she wants. Tonight after about 45 mins to an hour of rocking her I put her down and she woke up as soon as I started up the stairs and was crying. Steve went down to try to put her back to sleep and she screamed for 30 mins so he brought her upstairs where she was quiet happy to chat away and watch tv until her and Steve went to sleep at 10. I am hoping this is a short phase.

Steve is going to be going to Redmond for work next Saturday so we well be alone for a week and I am hoping she goes down easy. If not I may have to start using earplugs and letting her cry for awhile. She will tire herself out eventually. Steve also goes on a work thing a week after he gets back from Tues – Fri so we will be on our own then too, but hopefully by then her school will be open and she will be there for a good chunk of the day.

Steve went and looked at the school to see if it looked close to being done. They had told us it was just the finishing touches. He said it looked like there was just a shell with no flooring, electrical or anything. I think I may go look again this week. They say on their website that they are having an open house there on March 31st. If they are not open by then I think we may try to put Zoe in school somewhere eles. There is another school just down the road that looks nice. It is for 2-5 year olds only and is also Montessori. We wouldn’t be able to walk but Steve could drop her on the way to work and I could go get her in the afternoons.

Also in the future if you are wanting to mail us something please ask us for our US address as we do not seem to receive anything that is sent through regular mail. I suspect that it is being delivered to the wrong house in the complex and the person just assumes it is for someone who used to live there and throws it out most the time. I have a pile of mail delivered to us in error that I am going to get to the managment office this week so they can deliver it to the right people.

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