Another Hazy day in Beijing

Well today the weather forcast actually says Haze. That means it looks kind of foggy and we will probably stay indoors today. I don’t generally like to venture outside on days like today because it is yucky and sometimes hard to breathe right.

Steve left yesterday for Redmond and is out with his friends Chris and Sean. He just called and they are heading downtown for dinner in Seattle. It is still St. Patricks Day there so it should be a crazy evening for them. Steve will be in Redmond until Saturday then he goes to Vegas for the weekend then back home to us. So he will get lots of poker playing in.

Zoe seems to like walking more now. Before she would want to picked up every few feet but now she walks all the way to the clubhouse by herself. Hopefully she keeps this up because she is getting far to big to carry. She is getting easier for me to understand although she still says some things that I have no clue about. When this happens she keeps saying it getting more and more frustrated but this happens less now. She does now say Love you. (sounds like lub yew) If a person other than Steve or I say I love you to her she says “No mommy love”. She just brought me in her little teacup and plate saying hot tea. She really likes to play with her kitchen and is always bringing me tea and other food. She takes the cups and plates back a lot too saying different plate or different cup so you have to eat and drink a lot of stuff. Her new favourites to watch are now Monsters Inc and Finding Nemo. She alternates between these all the time or watches one over and over. She will still say Buzz and Woody but never picks them to play.

I have managed to keep the three fish alive for a week now and am quiet happy with that. Zoe calls them Mommy, Daddy and Zoe. If they make it to a month I will take them out and give there bowl and rocks a good cleaning. Right now I just take half the water out every 2 or 3 days and replace it. The fish who normally are skiddish when you near the bowl and swim to the opposite side and to the bottom are bold when I am scooping out water and swim around the cup I use. I almost ended up with one of them in it. So far I haven’t touched any of them by accident. Yesterday I noticed they go to the bathroom alot. Everytime I looked at them at least two of them were going. No wonder the tank gets murky so fast.

We haven’t really done anything very exciting lately so there isn’t much going on around here. We are still hoping Zoe will start school next month as planned. I am thinking about going to the clubhouse where the school is and taking a peek at how far along they have come. Well this has been a long entry to say nothing very exciting so that is all for now. Hope everyone is well and enjoying reading what we are up to.

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