In Just 2 years

I was thinking yesterday about all the things Zoe had done by the time she was 2 that I it took me well into adulthood to do and some may never do. Not the normal things like talking, walking ect…

Here are a few of them:

1) Visited 4 countries USA, Canada, China, Thailand. I made it to 4 on my honeymoon when I was 29.

2) Rode an elephant. I know several others here probably rode the elephant at the Game Farm like I did when I was young.

3) Flown in buisness class and sat in the top floor section of a plane. We did these things on the way to Thailand and on the way home. We got to sit in the upstairs on the flight back I had always wanted to do that.

4) Been to several historical sites including, The Forbidden City, Yonghegong (Lama Temple), and Tianement Square

I am sure there are other things I can’t think of right now too. By the time we leave here she may have added a couple more countries to her list and hopefully a couple Disney Parks. We are going to the Hong Kong one next month and may go to the one in Paris in the fall. We hope to get to Japan this fall or winter too and maybe to Singapore and a few other places in the south.

Zoe will be a seasoned traveller by the time we get back which could be good. After so many 11 hour flights between China and Canada anything shorter will be no big deal. Maybe she will be a world travler when she grows up. She likely will not remember any of the stuff on the above list because who remembers much of what happened when they were 2 let alone before they were 2. There will be a lot of pictures for her to look at though to show all the fun things she did when she was young. Maybe even a scrapbook if I get motivated to get it together.

Right now she has brought her chair into my craft room and is trying to stand on it to see what she can find on the desk or the shelves in here. She is the master of finding candy. If it is hidden she will uncover it and have it eaten before you know it. It is impossible to hid it from her.

Also I must say I did go for a bit of retail therapy yesterday at Ikea. I bought shelves and a desk for my craft room, a dresser and lamps for the guest room, and a buffet for the dining room along with a few small things and a lot of red licorce ropes. It was all delivered and assembled today and they took all the garbage. That service cost me a whopping $15US. I will miss that when we get home. Our house is starting to look a bit like the Ikea catalog. We have so many of the Billy bookcases now. I have 2 in my craft room with a desk and a dining table because the desks here are all on the small side. The dining table isn’t very big either.

I may go to the market this week and pick up some other little decorative things so this place doesn’t seem so bare. I would like to get some pictures or something to go on the white walls. Maybe I will go get some more fish and put them in several rooms. Well maybe I will wait a month or two to see if I still want to take care of them.

One thought on “In Just 2 years

  1. As I always thought, Zoe is the luckiest little girl in this world, she has a great parent. even before I saw this article, I had realized that Zoe is a great little traveller:-) god bless this lovely girl! Jin

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