Our first visitor

Today we met up with Mike (Steve’s old buisness partner from PCSupport). He was in town for a few hours waiting for his flight home after a business trip. We met him and a couple of his colleages at Yashow (one of the markets). They had a bargining system that you halved the starting price and added 20. Steve and I laughed at that because we go by you should pay about 25% of what they start at. The trick is to hold firm then walk away most times they will call after you and give you your price. Zoe got a little Hello Kitty purse today that started at about 14o and Steve paid 30 she said it was because Zoe was so cute. She put the purse on and walked through the market stopping at any mirror she saw to admire her new purse. This of course caused crowds to gather to watch her and coo over her.

Easter is coming and brining a treat something from Cadbury something you eat. That tune always pops into my head at Easter time and I always end up buying one of the Easter Cream eggs even though they are so sweet it is just sick. I thought I would go without this year but I found them at one of the Jenny Lou grocery stores. Only one seems to have them and I was concerned that it might not be in great shape but it was good. I really enjoyed probably because I didn’t think I would get one here. I paid way more than I should for a chocolate egg and bunny for Zoe because the grocery stores seem to lack any easter candy or jelly beans. She doesn’t need much but I wanted her to have a bit of junk. She is getting a dress and a few small toys that will fit in little plastic eggs I had for her last year but didn’t use.

Right now Zoe and daddy have gone to the playroom at the clubhouse giving me some nice quiet alone time. I finished off my 2000 peice jigsaw puzzle. It takes up a lot of space. After this I think I will make easter cards for Steve and Zoe. It won’t be a suprise for Steve though because he gets all the blog updates via email and reads them on his phone.

The weather here has been pretty good this week and the cherry blossoms are coming out all pretty and pink. We are hoping to get to one of the parks next week so we can enjoy the pretty colours of spring or maybe we will go to the summer palace.

That is it for now this is a long entry I will try to post a few more things about Zoe latter in the week so everyone can get their fix.

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