Congratulations & Yipee

Well it seems April is the month for girls. My cousin Jeana on the 7th (Venna) and Steve’s friend Ashely on the 5th (Savannha)have both had baby girls. (hopefully I spelt the names right if not sorry) Both are healthy and cute. It was Jeana’s second she also has a little boy named Madison oh and a stepson who’s name I can’t recall at the moment so she now actually has 3 kids. This is Ashley and her husband Glens first so they are in for a lot of fun and new adventure.

And Yipee our trip to Hong Kong disney has been booked. We will be leaving on April 29th. That is not this Sunday or next but the one after. The Macbeths will also be arriving in less than two weeks and will be going with us to Disneyland. We will be staying at a Disney hotel so we will be close to the park and all the fun. The hotel also has lots of kids activites so it will be good for Zoe. We hope to be able to go to Macau for a day and spend a day exploring Hong Kong too. We return on May 3rd.

Zoe should be starting school on May 7th. The director of the school called to apologize for the delay and than us for being patient. We were already getting a 30% discount on this semester and we are now going to get the same discount for the fall semester as well. We will be getting some money back too because we have already paid for 2 months that the school has been delayed. Hopefully Zoe likes school and it will be worth all the hassel.

Zoe and I have been invited to a mom’s group that goes out once a week to a park or something in Beijing. I am thinking of going but once Zoe is in school she won’t be able to attend so it is really only next week and the week after we could go. I may go anyway and maybe skip school once a month or so to go on one of the outings if it seems like somewhere she would enjoy. It would be a great way to meet other moms and see what is out there for kids in a group. I am sure a group of expat kids at a park will cause quiet a comotion too with everyone gawking and wanting to touch the babies.

It is a very windy day here today. Zoe and I went to the outdoor playground for awhile but had to come home. There was another lady that came with two little girls. She rode her bike and had one of those little tent like carriers on the back for the girls. They left because the bike kept getting blown over. Zoe doesn’t really like the wind in her face so it was easy to get her to come home. There is too much dust blowing around when it is like this and she doesn’t have glasses to protect her eyes. I even had a small butterfly land on my sleeve and stay there the whole walk home because it was too windy for the poor little thing to fly. Zoe kept wanting to touch it and look at it. We put it down in the tree in front of our house hopefully it didn’t get blown away.

Well I need to go and check on Zoe she is watching Monsters Inc. in her playroom quietly. A little too quietly for me so I should make sure she isn’t doing anything bad. She may just be mesmorized my the movie she gets quite engrossed in her shows sometimes.

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