Our explorations

Yesterday we decided to go to a market that was described in our Insiders Guide as having “every imaginable made in China product” Well the market was huge and from what I saw had everything you could think of. We only went up and down 2 isle because it is so massive. It has things set in sections so if we were really looking for one thing we would be able to find it but we were just curious. It was quiet crowded but there were not a lot of foreigners. The other markets are at least half foriegners. After taking that all in we decided to go to a park.

We went ti Luiyin park. It was a blue sky day without too much wind so we thought we better take advantage. We also had a perfect temprature while walking through the park in our tshirts. The park was great lots of cherry blossoms out and green. I also was struck by a smell which happens a lot but this time it was a pleasant familar smell. There were lilacs in bloom. We looked a fish, ducks, saw people playing Mahhjong, cards, and spinning this thing on a string that is hard to describe. The park was not at all crowded and it was great to be able to walk and let Zoe go without worrying she would get lost or swarmed. She did have her picture taken by at least 4 people. There were a lot of people with cameras in the park. It was also very quiet which is a nice change I am sure we will be back there again in the future.

There was also a few people who had brought their bunny to the park. I saw a small cage then a very tiny bunny. Zoe went up with Steve to see the rabbit. The owner picked the poor thing up by the ears and tried to hand it to Zoe. She just squated down to look at it on the ground. When it started to hop away she yelled “back her rabbit” and “come here rabbit”. She regretted her words when it was close again and she got up to walk away because it started following her and hoping towards her toes. Zoe likes to walk backwards a lot now. All and all I think she enjoyed the encounter. I think the bunny may have wanted to escape it’s current owners because it dosen’t like to be picked up by the ears. We also saw some people with plastic grocery bags by one of the ponds taking goldfish out of the pond. I don’t beleive you are supposed to do this but there is no security at the park to make sure you don’t steal their fish. Maybe they were going to keep them as pets or sell them. I know that the workers in our complex sometimes take fish out of the pond here too. The property management has sent out notices that you are not supposed to take the fish out but it is the construction people not the residents doing it.

We are hoping to go and explore the parks more on weekends when the weather is good. Maybe we will find more ducks and fish.

Zoe is also very much a copycat right now. This morning I made the mistake of telling Steve to shut up. A second later Zoe was yelling “shut up now Daddy” so I apologized and said we didn’t tell people to shut up.

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