Peking Duck

Well last Sunday I had Peking Duck for the first time. It is a big thing here as Beijing was orginally called Peking. Some people still refer to it as Peking. We went out with Steve’s boss Hon and his family. The duck was good and came with little pancakes and various other things to make a little roll up. We had lots of other yummy food too. The resturant we went too is well known for their duck and is always full. They have 2 locations and we went to the newest one. It was huge. There was a drink Steve told me about I thought that a table by us was getting some kind of fruit smoothy but Steve said it is actually a corn drink. So imagine if you pureed cream corn and drank it cold. Yuck But apparently it is a favourite here. I still am not a fan of dessert at Chinese resturants because it is usally something with red bean or rice. Sunday it was a warm tapioca coconut drink that had what I think was melon in it. There was some really good fruit on the fruit platter though. Chinese food does not use dairy or chocolate which are the two main things that make up most desserts I like. Zoe enjoyed the dinner a lot and even got some spinach on her chopsticks and into her mouth. She always eats a lot when we go to the dumpling place too.

Zoe is a little chatterbox now and getting her to stop talking at home or in the car is nearly impossible. But if you get her around other people and they talk to her suddenly she is a mute. At dinner Sunday she warmed up to everyone just as we were leaving. I think she is excited about going to Disneyland because she wants to see Buzz. I have told her that Buzz is going to be really tall as big as Daddy hoping that may help her not freak out because he is big. We are not prebooking any meals with characters until we see if she likes them or not. She is also looking forward to swimming when we get there too. She talks about swimming from our vacation in Phuket still. She pretends she is swimming a lot. Sometimes she says it is in the ocean with Nemo.

One thought on “Peking Duck

  1. An interesting article, I wish Zoe won’t be so shy next time she come to her daddy’s office. there are a lot of girls want to see her again:-)Jin

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