Hong Kong Disneyland

Well a good time was had by all. Zoe loved the characters and kept wanting to go back and see them. She was thrilled to meet Buzz, Mickey, Minnie, Pooh, Goofy, Pluto, Marie (from the Aristocats), and Chip and Dale. Chip and Dale were practically mauling her the first time we visited them and that didn’t throw her at all. Many people there also wanted Zoe’s picture and she didn’t mind most of the time. She did not like it when people wanted to pick her up and/or pose with her though.

We went to a character dinner at the hotel and she kept yelling “Mickey, Mickey me my turn now”. She really liked the character dinner too. She did tell goofy to go away and get mickey at one point though. The characters circulated a bit unevenly and Minnie never made it to our table so we found her and got a quick photo before leaving. Zoe said thank you and good bye to all the characters.

As for the rides she went on all of the ones she could and loved everyone of them. The last time we went on Poohs Adventure ride there was a long line even with the fast pass and Zoe kept saying again as we were exiting. Unfortunatley that was our last day and everyone was too worn out to go through the line again including her. We went and had a nice swim instead at the hotel.

Zoe also loved the pool at the hotel and walked around in the shallow end. They also gave her a lifejacket to wear but if it started to make her float she didn’t like it and wanted you to carry her back to the shallow water. She would not take it off though. Yesterday Steve took her down the waterslide several times in a row. She had a blast. She also loved the shower that they had on the way into the pool and we had to drag her out of it when we were leaving.

We spent Wednesday in Hong Kong well a place called Kowloon actually (I may have spelt it wrong) at a big mall. We also walked around a bit on a shopping street with lots of small stores and a huge HMV were there were so many cd’s I wanted I didn’t get any because I couldn’t choose one. Zoe Steve and I all did buy new sneakers though from the New Balance store at the mall.

I will post more on some of the things we did and try to get some pics up in the next couple days. Hope everyone had a good week.

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