Canadian missing in Syria!

When I lived in Vancouver I played a lot of ultimate frisbee, one of the teams I played on a lot was called The Fluffy Bunnies. When I return to Vancouver for vacation I often have a chance to play with the team. A few years ago, when I was still living in Redmond, WA I went up to Vancouver and played with the team for a few games in the summer, I think it was probably around 2003 or so.

There was a new player on the team that I hadn’t met before, but was quite good (especially since she had never really played Ultimate before) and was a super nice person. Her name was Nicole (Vienneau), I didn’t know her last name until very recently.

I received the following information about her from a friend in Vancouver and wanted to do everything I could to help. Here is her story, hopefully someone that reads this will be able to help, or at least pass the story on to someone that can.

Nicole (Vienneau) has gone missing during the final weeks of a trip to Northern Africa, the Middle East and Turkey. She was last heard from at the end of March, and we believe she was in Syria at the time on her way to Turkey.The Canadian embassies in Syria and Turkey, the RCMP and Interpol have been involved in searching for her for the past two weeks.I am sending this to you for two reasons: 1. the story will be in the media today. Since Nicole is a resident of Vancouver, there may be somewhat more media attention there than in Toronto. I wanted you to be aware of this from me before you heard it elsewhere2. if anyone has any connections, or knows of anyone who does, with people in Syria and possibly Turkey, we would most appreciate if we could take advantage of contacts there to help in our attempts to track where she has beenHer brother Matthew has set up a blog entry (link below) which has a lot of the details.


Her brothers blog postings also got dugg on digg, if you don’t know what that means, you probably will want to stop reading now.

Here is the story on Digg:

People often talk about how Web 2.0 is the future and the future is now, using Digg as a key player in the life altering transformation. When I read the commentary on Nicole’s story on Digg I was sickened. The maturity of many of the comments is frighteningly low, I hope this isn’t the future of the Internet and our society. It reminds me of the kind of behaviour you used to see on Newsgroups and BBS’s in the early days of the Internet. In fact these are probably the exact same people, just a generation removed. They are not blazing a trail to the future, they are just wasting their lives away wading through their own muck.

Have a read of the comments on the story, I would be interested if you really think these are the people we want to be representing the current climate in our high-tech society. I for one would emphatically say “NO!!!”.

I Hope there is a turn for the better in Nicole’s story, I will be thinking about the brief time I spent with her and remember the lasting impression she made.

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