Zoe's first days of school

Well after a long wait Zoe has finally started school. She started last week on Tuesday. I went with her that day and we hung out with her teacher for about 3 hours. It was a kind of open house day. Zoe was the only kid there. Wednesday Steve and I dropped her off together and I snuck out before him so I didn’t have to see her crying. I picked her up at around 12:30. She again was the only kid. Thursday there was an 18 month old named Alexa for her to play with and Steve took her and picked her up that day. Zoe said Alexa was too small to play with. On Friday Steve again took Zoe because I was not up to seeing her cry. I went to get her at 1pm and she was napping and looking adorable so they called me at 2 when she woke up and I went to get her. There had been a little boy there that day for her to play with.

Today (Monday) I took her in and said I would be back to get her in awhile and we would go look at the goldfish in the pond. She said ok and her lip was trembling and the tears started flowing. She did say ok though and went to her teacher for a hug. I then went to the gym and walked on the treadmill for 45 mins to get rid of some of the stress and tension I had about leaving her. In the end I think school will be great for her and me. She loves the activites like painting, and cleaning the dishes. And this week when the other kids starts to come it will be much more fun for her.

Well I am going to go and pick her up it is now 2pm and I have been antsy to get her since about 12:30. So it is up to the school then off to the fish pond for me.

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