Zoe is getting so grown up

Today Zoe said she didn’t want to go to school and cried a bit at home. I gave her some fruit snacks to eat while we walked there and she seemed happy enough. When we got there she sat on my lap for a minute while I helped her put her indoor shoes on for school then gave me a quick kiss and hug and ran into class. This is a huge change from the tears and crying of yesterdy. It made me a little sad that she didn’t mind me leaving. I am sure time will fly and before I know she will be off for summer break and I will be wishing she was back in school some of the time.

I know it is a good thing that we have managed so far to raise an independent, confident and curious little girl. I think today was way harder on me. I think over the next few weeks we will be seeing a lot more changes in Zoe as she gets exposed to more kids and activites to stimulate her. Right now she spends most of her day painting and playing with water. She loves pouring water, washing her hands, and squirting the window. The class allows kids to do the things that intrest them there is story time, snack time and a couple of structured things but for the most part she is free to do whatever intrests her.

I am sure we will have a house full of paintings in no time. I will save a few near the end of the school year and bring them back when we come so I can give them to anyone who would like one. Maybe she will decide to be an artist one day.

As for me I don’t really know what to do with myself. I have decided today will be my relax day so we will see how that goes. Maybe I will have a nap and then go get a massage or a manicure and pedicure today. It is cooler than yesterday so walking to the clubhouse won’t be so hellish. It was super hot yesterday it is cloudy/smoggy today and cooler. Still tshirt weather though.

Tomorrow is my Chinese lesson then I want to organize the kitchen cupboards a bit they are a mess. I also want to go through Zoe’s toys and clothes and weed some of them out while she is not here. And I want to get Steve’s shelves in his den a little more organized so I can take some of the stuff from the playroom shelves up there. Probably won’t get all that done tomorrow but over the next couple weeks should be able to manage it.

You will probably see a lot more blogging now that I will have the time on my hands.

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