Zoe loves school

Zoe has been in school for just over a week. She is still the only full time student so has much of her time spent one on one with the teacher. Or one on 2 or more with the other teachers and assistants playing with her too. She now just gives me a quick hug and kiss goodbye and runs into her class.

I have been told when people come to check out the school with their kids Zoe takes the kids by the hand and shows them around where everything is. Which I must assume is adorable. The teachers all love her and say she is a very well behaved little girl. They also say she is very helpful.

On Friday she even let one of the teachers help her and she went to the bathroom in the potty. The school has miniture toilets for the kids. They are very cute and Zoe loves them so maybe they will help potty training along. She also loves washing her hands and does that several times a day. Anything to do with water and she is there.

As for me I am having less trouble trying to find ways to occupy my time while she is in school. I have my chinese lessons 1 1/2 hours twice a week and try to review it daily during the week for about an hour or so. I have done some reorganizing and decluttering. I even manged to get to the gym. Maybe this week I will work in a spa visit for a massage. I do have a coffee group, mahjong group, and my chinese lessons already on the calendar so it will be a full week.

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