Some random things

So on Tuesday it rained really hard here all day. It made me a little homesick. It was nice because before that it was really windy and the dust was blowing. Zoe loves the rain she put on her rain coat and hat and walked all the way home from school jumping in every puddle along the way. Steve dropped her that day on the way to work so I wouldn’t have to walk out in the rain.

I did go out in the rain twice that day before going to get Zoe though only to be dissapointed both times. The first time was to the clubhouse for the coffee group no one there, the second was to a ladies house for the mahjong group it was moved and no one told me and her ayi didn’t speak english so couldn’t help me out. So I came to the conclusion that people here are whimpy when it comes to going out in the rain. I had my gortex coat so there were no worries. Then I went to get Zoe with her rain cover on her stroller. She however would not sit in it and as I said before puddle jumped her way home.

Zoe is still loving school. There is now a little boy who is about 6 months older than her that will be there everyday too so she will have a playmate. There is another girl that comes 3 days a week but she is 6 months younger than Zoe. Hopefully Zoe doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight with the other kids now that she is used to getting all the attention.

I am trying to go to the gym 2 or 3 times a week while Zoe is in school. I have gone twice this week and think I over did it a bit yesterday because I am now very sore. But I may go get a massage and try to go again tomorrow afternoon after my chinese lesson.

My chinese lessons are going well. Although the stuff we covered last class is really hard for me to say. It is like a tounge twister and trying to get the tones right is even harder. I will never say I am studying or am a student those are the phrases causing me problems. I am very tired after my hour and a half lesson. I can’t imagine doing it for any longer than that at a time. I have my lessons on Wednesdays and Fridays. Steve has decided not to take lessons so I will be the one who can sort of understand and say things. I am hoping it will come in handy at the markets. Often the vendors talk to each other in front of you and you have no clue what they are saying. I am hoping to catch them saying something and say something back in chinese to them. I think that day is a ways off yet. I am just figuring out intros and ordering things. Wo shi Jianada ren. I am Canadian. I hope that pinyin is right.

Well I hope everyone is well. For those of you on facebook you will be able to tell when I am bored by the extra photos I post there. It is easier for me to put them there than on flicker with the app that I have in Iphoto. If you are not on facebook and don’t know what it is you might be missing out.

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