If you find my mind please return it

This week has been one of those weeks. I have put apple juice in my tea instead of milk a few times, lost my phone in the house several times, been going to do something then forgetting what it was almost instantly, and the Mahjong day I missed was because I went to the wrong house. So apparently this week I also can not read simple email messages and understand numbers. LOL The lady who hosted has been kind enough to invite me over to teach me the general rules. Hopefully today I am able to find the right house.

So if you find my brain somewhere please mail it back. I am hoping it is just because I haven’t been sleeping well this week.

I am also suprised when someone other than our friends or family read our blog. I guess I figure it would bore most to tears who didn’t really care about Zoe because that is mostly what it is about. Of course I do tell people about it so I guess it shouldn’t suprise me when they read it. For anyone reading for the first time I am a rambler so read at your own peril.

Today it is sunny again this week has been rainy and cloudy. Last night there was a lot of wind and when we were leaving dinner Zoe wanted to go for a walk until the wind started going and the dust started swirlling. It is almost like getting a fully body scrub with the sand/dirt coming at you. It is windy today too but I am sure that will stop by the weekend. It usally isn’t windy the days we decide to take the kite out.

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