Happy Birthday Steve

Well today is Steven’s 38th birthday. He has spent most of the day playing a video game on his xbox 360 (viva pinata). We did try a new place for lunch today together. As per his request we are doing nothing for his birthday. He didn’t get any presents either. The day of uninterupted video games and sleeping in are his presents. He took today off work. I made him a card and Zoe is making him one at school today.

I think Steve looks much the same as he did when I met him when he was 19. He may have a bit more grey hair (which he blames on me) and be a few pounds more but who doesn’t weigh more than they did at 19. He still the witty, charming, intelligent, and handsome guy I fell in love with all those years ago.

If you are reading this and thinking it is too early remember we are ahead in time. Steve did say he is not officailly older until tomorrow because he was born in the Pacific time zone. LOL Maybe it just means you can try to get extra special treatment for 2 days instead of one.

Anyway Happy Birthday Steve hope you enjoyed your quiet day of video games and time with me and Zoe. We sure do love you a lot.

One thought on “Happy Birthday Steve

  1. Steve’s dream came ture, as he was invited to celebrat his pacific time birthday together with Hon on May 31 when Hon’s birthday is, right before leaving for MSRA family day at Aquaria:-)Jin

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