Tai Re Le (it is too hot)

Well it is a balmy 90 degrees here today and tomorrow it could get up to 104. That is from about 34 -40 degrees for those in Canada. Which is way to hot for my liking. Just the walk to get Zoe to and from school is horrible in this tempurature. I think my hair may be permanently stuck in a ponytail or shaved off because of the heat. I have been thinking about going to the Summer Palace and the Temple of Heaven while Zoe is in school but it is too hot to be outside. There is a taoist temple I wanted to check out too without her. I guess I can do it in the fall when there will be nicer tempuratures for September and October then it will get really cold unitl March. I am also thinking of going to the Wall on my own because if I wait for Steve I may never see it.

Zoe is out of school on July 5th so I will have to try and find some indoor or cool activites to do with her so we aren’t stuck in the house all day. That is it for now nothing really exciting going on. There are just over 20 days until Zoe and I are back in Vancouver for our visit.

A Gloomy Day in Beijing

Well while it is not cold it is gloomy. The pollution is very bad so it looks like a gloomy about to rain day outside. But when you get out it is a muggy thick air day. I really would like the wind to come back and blow this smog away even if it means dust being blown around everywhere.

Zoe and I will be back for a visit alone in July from the 16-26. We will try to fit as many visits in as we can but also want it to be a vacation so we won’t be running around non stop. We will be staying at our usual hotel the Hilton by Metrotown.

I am looking forward to some clean air even if it is rainy. Zoe and I are hoping to make a trip to the Aquarium and do a few other fun things while in town. Of course there will be lots of shopping with the mall right across the street from the hotel. LOL Maybe I should bring empty suitcases and buy all my stuff there LOL. I am sure Steve would love that.

Zoe finishes school on July 5th then will be going to a summer camp there starting July 30. We won it at the Children’s day thing the school had so thought what the heck. She will start back in the fall on September 3. This Friday there will be school pictures if they turn out well I will try to bring a few back for everyone. Of course I will likely scan them in with my new scanner. I have lots of picutres up on facebook right now that I scanned in.

Steve is in the US right now and at this very moment he is in tthe casino playing poker. So far he is up overall but I am not sure if it will stay that way. I hope he is having fun. Zoe and I are sure missing him while he is away. Zoe is very sweet she will say “miss daddy” and “come home soon” over and over.

Today her friend from school Tiger is going to come over after school. She often wants to keep playing with him or asks if Tiger is coming when we get home. Hopefully they will enjoy playing or watching one of her movies together and looking at her fish. Then we are going to Mrs. Shannens for dinner. I promised her she could get an ice cream cone there this week. She had her first ice cream cone last week and it was a big hit. She really enjoyed it once I showed that you could eat the cone.

If you have a specific date and/or time you would like to visit us when we are in town please email me so I can pencil you in. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and see you next month.

Way to go Zoe

Sunday out of the blue Zoe counted all the way to 9. She won’t repeat this now that we want her too but it was great to hear. She also spends a lot of time singing. She likes Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Mr. Golden Sun, and Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes. She will often say a line from each song and make up her own. She has started to add the Itsy Bitsy Spider into the mix now too.

Yesterday Zoe was home from school sick. She had a fever but is fine today. She actually napped yesterday for the first time in a long time so she was up at 7am and ready to go. She has been sleeping in until 8:30 or 9. This meant she was at school by 8:30 when it starts. We usally go around 9 as it doesn’t really matter if you are there right on time and the kids trickle in at various times.

Oh and an update on what our plans will be when we are done with our time in China. We have been talking about what we are going to do. Where we want to go live and that kind of stuff. It is now almost 99% settled that we will be going back to the US after our time here. When the exact date will be we don’t know. The 2 years is up next year but it is unlikely that we will be leaving right on the 2 year anniversary. There will be many things at work for Steve that will factor in when he will leave his current position and we will move back. I think it is fair to say we will be back by Christmas 2008.

Also we are not going to be able to come back this summer as we had hoped we are now planning on coming back in September and early October. We should be there for 3 to 4 weeks with Steve working part of the time so we will be in the US for 1 or 2 of those weeks. I really wanted to come back this summer but we used up some of our holiday time in the New Year and want to be sure we have some at Christmas when we may go to Hong Kong. My reunion is in September that is why we are coming back then not in July. Hope everyone has a great summer see you all in the fall.

Childrens Day activites

On Thursday evening we went to the MS event Steve’s group had. It was at night which seemed an odd time to have something for kids. Turns out that was because it was at the aquarium and only people from Steve’s group (there are a lot) were admitted. Zoe had a good time and was given lots fo chips and snacks by the people sitting around us. She also got a wand that has led lights in it and blinks. There was some singing and speakers then there was a seal and dolphin show. Zoe really loved the seals and the dolphins. Although she lost interest int he dolphins half way through. Watching the show it reminded me of the Vancouver Aquarium when I was a kid and they used to have shows.

The seal show was short they caught some rings, jumped out of the water, and clapped. There were some other things too they were quiet funny. The dolphins did jumping, spinning, talking, pulled a little girl from the audiance in an inflatable raft around the pool, and several tricks with one of the trainers in the water with them. It was neat to see but I am sure there are some who think it is not something that should go on. Anyway on to the other stuff.

There was also a lot of food. We ate fast as Zoe was getting tired it was 8 or so by then past her bedtime of 7 or 7:30. She wouldn’t pose for pictures with any of Steve’s co-workers who wanted to get a pic with her. She enjoyed looking at the fish though and because most people where still eating while we walked around there were no other people. She also coloured on an olympic logo they had out on the floor for all the kids to write on. She would of coloured the whole thing if we had let her. She was getting tired so we left. We did buy her a purse that looks like Nemo before leaving at the gift shop though.

The other Children’s day event we went to was Saturday and was at our clubhouse. It was put on by Zoe’s school. They had a lucky draw and we won the biggest prize of a free summer camp session. Zoe enjoyed the face painitng, storytime, arts and crafts, and bouncy castle. Her friend from school Tiger was there and gave her a pencil he also gave her a kiss and hug later in the day. It was a lot of fun and they had food that was pretty good too.

Children’s day was on June 1st I believe. There are many activities and sales on in department stores to celebrate it. I think Zoe had a good time at the events she attended. Zoe is still loving school and looks forward to going. I don’t look forward to walking to the clubhouse to get her though because the weather is soooo hot and humid. I try most days to get her to sit in her stroller so we don’t have a long slow walk home. Also because about a quarter of the way home she will decide that she wants you to carry her and she is heavy. She is also usually very hot and sweaty so it is a very unpleasant trip home if you have to carry her all the way.

Well that is most the stuff we have been up to. Oh I did go and play Mahjong it is interesting there are a lot of things to remember and a lot of strategy involved. I even purchased my own set of tiles this weekend so now I can play whenever I want. I am not sure if you can play with two people or not because then Steve and I could play.