Way to go Zoe

Sunday out of the blue Zoe counted all the way to 9. She won’t repeat this now that we want her too but it was great to hear. She also spends a lot of time singing. She likes Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Mr. Golden Sun, and Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes. She will often say a line from each song and make up her own. She has started to add the Itsy Bitsy Spider into the mix now too.

Yesterday Zoe was home from school sick. She had a fever but is fine today. She actually napped yesterday for the first time in a long time so she was up at 7am and ready to go. She has been sleeping in until 8:30 or 9. This meant she was at school by 8:30 when it starts. We usally go around 9 as it doesn’t really matter if you are there right on time and the kids trickle in at various times.

Oh and an update on what our plans will be when we are done with our time in China. We have been talking about what we are going to do. Where we want to go live and that kind of stuff. It is now almost 99% settled that we will be going back to the US after our time here. When the exact date will be we don’t know. The 2 years is up next year but it is unlikely that we will be leaving right on the 2 year anniversary. There will be many things at work for Steve that will factor in when he will leave his current position and we will move back. I think it is fair to say we will be back by Christmas 2008.

Also we are not going to be able to come back this summer as we had hoped we are now planning on coming back in September and early October. We should be there for 3 to 4 weeks with Steve working part of the time so we will be in the US for 1 or 2 of those weeks. I really wanted to come back this summer but we used up some of our holiday time in the New Year and want to be sure we have some at Christmas when we may go to Hong Kong. My reunion is in September that is why we are coming back then not in July. Hope everyone has a great summer see you all in the fall.

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