Tai Re Le (it is too hot)

Well it is a balmy 90 degrees here today and tomorrow it could get up to 104. That is from about 34 -40 degrees for those in Canada. Which is way to hot for my liking. Just the walk to get Zoe to and from school is horrible in this tempurature. I think my hair may be permanently stuck in a ponytail or shaved off because of the heat. I have been thinking about going to the Summer Palace and the Temple of Heaven while Zoe is in school but it is too hot to be outside. There is a taoist temple I wanted to check out too without her. I guess I can do it in the fall when there will be nicer tempuratures for September and October then it will get really cold unitl March. I am also thinking of going to the Wall on my own because if I wait for Steve I may never see it.

Zoe is out of school on July 5th so I will have to try and find some indoor or cool activites to do with her so we aren’t stuck in the house all day. That is it for now nothing really exciting going on. There are just over 20 days until Zoe and I are back in Vancouver for our visit.

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