Goodbye clean air

Well our time in Vancouver is over tomorow we head back to Beijing. I have enjoyed breathing the clean air even the rain and the cooler weather. We manged to get in lots of visiting. Sorry for those we missed maybe we will be able to get you in September when we are back.

The trip started off bumpy as I was ill and Zoe was not adjusting to the time change so it was a rough first three days. We did eventually get in lots of shopping and visiting though. I managed to drink a large volume of Chai Tea at Starbucks. When I get back to Beijing I will go back to ice tea at Starbucks.

Our problem tomorrow will be fitting everything into our suitcases to go home. We may have to zip across the road and get a duffel bag or something. I will be taking my new MacBook on the plane with me. Steve bought it for me when he was in the US and I love it already. Maybe I will even type up another blog entry for everyone on the 11 hour flight tomorrow.

Oh and the Macbeth Bed & Breakfast is open and taking reservations. OK there will be no breakfast but you may be able to scrounge something in our kitchen or we can point you to the bagel place. So if you always thought you would like to visit China you now have a place to stay. You will even have daily cleaning and laundry service Monday – Friday. (our Ayi/housekeeper not me)