Long time no post…..

Ok so it has been awhile since I posted anything. Zoe has been improving vastly on her language skills and often comes out with some of the cutest things when you least expect it. It also means you really have to watch what she hears on tv, music wise, and from us. She is also improving her other skills such as stair climbing which she often insists she can do alone.

Right now we have our niece Rebecca here for a visit and Zoe has been in heaven. She loves playing with Rebecca and is always asking where she is if she can’t see her. It is great having someone for Zoe to play with when you want to have a shower or do something else too. Steve and I may even go out one night and leave her with her cousin.

I have been doing some touring with Rebecca and yesterday all of us went on a tourist attraction spree. Zoe did very well and was not mobbed too badly. When Rebecca and I were at the wall she had some ask to have their picture taken with her so it even effects older kids. I will write another blog about some of our sightseeing adventures or this will get too long.

The temperature here has been in the mid to upper 30’s high 80’s – 90’s which is really hot. I have done suprisingly well in the heat when I have been out in it. Zoe seems to have inherited her fathers tolerance for the hot weather and does well. She won’t always wear her hat but seems to really enjoy it when her and I sunblock up together before going out. I don’t want to find out if she is like her dad in that she doesn’t really burn. I am going to just assume she is like me and needs to bath in sunblock before going out. Since Rebecca has arrived the smog has not been too bad which means you can see the blue sky. It also means the temperature goes up. The smog does make it a few degrees cooler.

Well there are a few stories I have to share and I will post them over the next week or so. It will give you a reason to check back and something to look forward to. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and that we will ge to visit in the fall.

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