One more week

Well we only have one more week before our visit to Vancouver. It will be a busy week for Zoe who is going to start a dance class after school and maybe an art class. They are hour long classes the school has just started for the kids. There are a lot more kids in her class this semester but she still only seems really to talk about Tiger. She adjusted well and was going into class without any fuss by the end of the week.

Also someone hacked into our site. This apparently happens a lot and put links to a drug site of some sort. So don’t click any links. We have not put any in and don’t want anyone getting any virus or anything on their computer. Steve is working on fixing it.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone in a couple weeks. Hopefully everyone has an easy time with the time change. We are taking a different flight this time and will be leaving Beijing at noon and flying to San Fransisco then from there to Seattle. So it will be a longer travel day and Zoe will be less likely to sleep the whole way so it should be interesting. We will have her dvd player and lots of snacks and activities for her so that should help. We will leave on Friday and get in sometime on Friday afternoon I think. We will be traveling with a couple of our friends on the way back and are just taking the direct flight from Vancouver so it won’t be as long and Zoe should sleep part of the way near the end.

Finally another post

I know I don’t post very often on here so to the one or two people who read this sorry.

Today Zoe went back to school. The class was full of kids she didn’t know. There were about 10 instead of the 4 or 5 she is used to and of the 10 at least 4 were crying. She did not want to stay there. Her friend Tiger was not there yet and none of the kids were the ones from last year. Tiger was coming so she should be fine once he gets there.

Zoe calls her friend Tiger her boyfriend. Last week when Steve was late coming home she was crying saying she wanted daddy and Tiger. One day I will take the camera to school to get a pic of them together. Tiger is also fond of Zoe as is his mom. Zoe really likes his mom too and often gets very excited to see her. She has even tried to go home with them a couple times. I would of let her if there was a carseat for her. LOL

Tomorrow Steve and I will of been married 8 years (we have now been together for 19). He will be leaving early tomorrow morning for an offsite though so we will not be spending it together. This is an annual thing and he had the same one last year on our anniversary. He is coming back Thursday instead of Sunday though so that will be nice. By then I should be really tired of hearing Zoe ask where’s Daddy and saying I want Daddy.

We will be coming to Redmond on the 15th then up to Vancouver on the 21st and staying until the 6th of October. Steve will be going to a conference on the 29th and back on October 4th. We hope to get lots of fun and visiting in on the trip.

I think that everyone except maybe Rebecca who was just here will notice a bit of a change in Zoe she is thinning out a bit and speaking more clearly. Or maybe I am just getting better at understanding her. She is also much more active and coordinated. I am thinking about getting her first haircut when we are in Redmond. Steve and I have been disagreeing on when to cut her hair. So far I have won but it is getting a little crazy now so a trim may help it and make it less fine.

Well that is it for now. No promises when then next ramble will be but maybe now that Zoe is in school and I have a laptop I will get to this more frequently.