One more week

Well we only have one more week before our visit to Vancouver. It will be a busy week for Zoe who is going to start a dance class after school and maybe an art class. They are hour long classes the school has just started for the kids. There are a lot more kids in her class this semester but she still only seems really to talk about Tiger. She adjusted well and was going into class without any fuss by the end of the week.

Also someone hacked into our site. This apparently happens a lot and put links to a drug site of some sort. So don’t click any links. We have not put any in and don’t want anyone getting any virus or anything on their computer. Steve is working on fixing it.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone in a couple weeks. Hopefully everyone has an easy time with the time change. We are taking a different flight this time and will be leaving Beijing at noon and flying to San Fransisco then from there to Seattle. So it will be a longer travel day and Zoe will be less likely to sleep the whole way so it should be interesting. We will have her dvd player and lots of snacks and activities for her so that should help. We will leave on Friday and get in sometime on Friday afternoon I think. We will be traveling with a couple of our friends on the way back and are just taking the direct flight from Vancouver so it won’t be as long and Zoe should sleep part of the way near the end.

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