Touring around

This week I have done more touring around with Phyllis. We went on the same tour I sent my friends Sean and Kate on a couple weeks ago. I must say they had a longer tour and went to the pearl market ours didn’t. We went to a teahouse and tried some teas then of course were asked to buy some. The guide said if we were lucky there would be people at the Temple of Heaven doing some or all of the following Tai Chi, Peking Opera, playing instruments, dancing. Well they were but we didn’t get to stop and see any as we raced from the front gate to the hall for good harvest. I think I will go back on a less smoggy and rushed day to the Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace.

When Phyllis and I went to the wall I was worried I overestimated her abilities. She nearly broke down getting to the gondola and it was going to be a long walk to the tobogan ride down. After many stops and minor panic attacks she calmed herself on the gondola. Then once on the wall she made it without any problems at all and it is a long up and down walk. The ride down was a lot of fun but there was a person in front of us who kept coming almost to a stop so we had to keep slowing down just as we got going.

The silk market tailor Phyllis visited knows her well now as she went to that market at least 4 times for various fittings and is going home with 2 shirts. One of which she let the girl there pick the material for and is her favourite one. Our driver also knows Phyllis well and probably has not heard so much talking the whole time he has worked for us. Of course he has a sense of humour and seems to have enjoyed it even if he didn’t completely understand what she was saying all of the time.

As for eating as we eat out and eat mostly wester or european food that is what she has had. We did go for Peking Duck and I took her to our favourite dumpling place. Where the brought us the wrong dumplings (they were hairy crab). This was discovered when I ate one and had to spit it out discreetly into a napkin. They do not speak much english but the menu is in english and chinese and has pictures. The hairy crab dumplings where beside the pork soup dumplings I had ordered. The waitress seemed a little angry that I would dare say that she had not gotten the order right but it did get fixed. Phyllis enjoyed watching my face as I realized there was seafood in the dumpling I had just put in my mouth.

Tonight we are going to Zoe’s schools Halloween Fancy Dress Party. Zoe is quiet excited to wear her pirate costume. It is much colder this October than it was last year so I don’t know that anyone will see her costume when she goes trick or treating next week.

This morning at about 6:30 Steve brought up to our bed because she had a bad dream she fell right back to sleep and slept until almost 9am. When she woke up she opened her eyes a bit and smiled and shouted I want a puppy. She says I am getting a kitty and she is getting a puppy. Although when we went on our hutong tour with Phyllis last weekend we went to a temple where we saw 3 cats. There was a little white one that followed Zoe the whole time we were there. She kept saying “come on kitty” and it would follow along behind her or beside her. Then when we were leaving we said it was time to say bye to the kitty and she looked at us with her eyes all welled up with tears and said she didn’t want to leave the kitty she wanted him to come with her. Even when we explained that he lived there she was not happy and started crying. She cried for several minutes after we left. I was really worried at the next courtyard house we stopped at because they had a tiny white kitten but she didn’t get as attached because it would not listen to her and just chased the leaves blowing around the courtyard.

Well that is a nice long entry for those that still try to read this. There are other stories I could tell but will save them for another time. For now we are all well and looking forward to trick or treat time. Hope that everyone has a Happy Halloween and don’t eat too much candy.

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