So very annoyed

Well I won’t be able to tell if this posts because apparently I am not authorized to view my own blog. I get a message about not having the right credentials. HMMM I wonder who or what could be blocking the site and my access. I guess my blog or all blogs at the moment are a problem to national security. So if you are able to read this here is what we have been up to.

Zoe is liking school very much and has several friends. There is a little girl named Emma who goes 3 mornings a week and the two of them are stuck together the whole time. She is also friends with a little girl named Ellen who is turning 3 this weekend. She was one of the 3 kids Ellen invited to her party. Ellen is just learning english as german is her native tounge so Zoe gets to do most the talking. LOL She still calls Tiger her boyfriend and really likes another little boy called Peyton.

We are thinking of moving to a new place for the remainder of our time here so we have more room and Zoe’s bedroom is on the same level as ours. She will be outgrowing her crib soon and I am thinking if we can hold off until then she will get the big girl bed for her birthday. Which would probably coinside with the move because we would have to give 2 months notice. Oh and for anyone who cares it looks like we are going to be here longer likely through until 2010. Steve is still working some stuff out and the decision will be final within the next couple weeks.

Why are we staying longer you may ask. Well Steve has gotten a promotion to GM and it means a lot of great opportunities and challenges for him. There is nothing like a good challenge to get him going and keep him engaged. He did ask me for my input before accepting this and my thoughts were that he is an amazing person and I have been with him this far on the journey so I might as well stay on the ride and see where it takes us. I know that he will excel at work because he is engaged so it makes it easier to support him in this decision. Not that I am completely happy or doing it without some conditions. On the up side for our friends and family you have that much more time to come visit us or revisit us as the case may be.

Christmas is coming and we have already bought way too many things for Zoe. She has told us the only thing she wants from Santa is a Pink Dinosaur. We have not had much luck with that so are trying to get alternate colours and/or presents. We did see a pink dinosaur head thing at the market yesterday she liked but it looked cheap. It was an egg shaped thing and you add water or something and a head grows that looks like a dinosaur it was pink and sandy looking. Of course I don’t think you know what colour you have until you add the water so that could be a problem. We also looked at a wooden doll house for her but they would not go lower than 8ooRMB ($100 US) it is pretty big and goes with the furniture and dolls we bought her in Thailand that were on sale for 70% off (it is called Plan Toys). Will have to do some research online and see if that is a deal or not. I received one of my Xmas presents early Steve brought me back a pink Nintendo DS game system because my other one broke. He gave it to me early so I could continue playing my game I have been without for two weeks. I am very spoiled. Zoe wants to get me a ring. Which worked out well because I am having one made and told Steve he can wrap it up with Zoe so she can give it to me at Christmas. Zoe already picked out a present for Steve too when we were out shopping one day. I can’t say what it is because Steve will read this.

Well this is a long post that I am not even sure will make it to the blog so that is it for today. Hey if you do read this maybe you can email me so I know it posted. There are other posts that never showed up and Steve was looking into the problem for me.

post from September vacation

Vacation/Reunion September 2007

After getting sick on the flight in to San Fransico it took us a week to get adjusted to the time change. I just made it to the washroom at the airport and I lost it all over the stall. I feel bad for whoever had to clean that up and anyone who had to peek in there. Steve let me sleep once we arrived in Seattle and I felt better by Saturday morning. Zoe spent the week getting up at 1 or 2am and staying up for 4 or 5 hours then going back to sleep for a few more. She slept about 10 hours a day but in very broken up segments. This was hard for us to get sleep because we had to be up with her. I tried to let Steve sleep longer because he had to work this week. We are now waiting in the slowest customs line of the border. It is taking us a long time the other lanes have 7 or 8 cars go before one is done in our lane. I am hoping that we don’t get held up because it is almost 8 and it will be hard to keep Zoe awake until we get to the hotel so she will maybe sleep for the night. Fingers crossed because I have told Steve he can go to poker tonight. Well time to put this away because there are only a few cars ahead of us and I am going to be optimistic.