Starting up again

Well I am thinking of starting this blog up again. Then our friends and family can keep up with what we are up to.

Ainsley: Not much new she is almost two months old now. She smiles and kind of giggles. She enjoys watching the cats, her sister and the occasional cartoon. Her main activites are eating and sleeping.

Zoe: Zoe seems to be much bigger now that we have Ainsley. She loves her little sister and is always wanting to hug and hold her. She is going to school and enjoying it. She still plans on marrying Dylan when she gets bigger. She has many activities and interests such as going to the park, crafts, puzzles and playing games. Today we collected leaves then put them under paper and used crayons to make leaf rubbings.

I am a big fan of napping right now and try to nap with Ainsley in the day while Zoe is at school. I also try to get out for a walk everyday usually to the Starbucks with Ainsley. Right now I am not doing as much with Zoe as I would like because Ainsley eats a lot but hope this changes in the next few months when Ainsley begins to eat cereal and baby food.

Steve is now working a job in Redmond so will not need to go to China as often or travel as often. He is still working in the Bing group so everyone should use Bing. He is at work or helping out at home. He has taken over putting Zoe to bed, making her lunches, and taking her to school in the mornings. He also cuddles with Ainsley in the evenings and on weekends so she will nap longer and I can get a rest, shower, and eat.

This weekend we are going to get a family photo done. Which means I have worn Steve down and finally got him to agree to it. We are going to have it done outdoors by a friend of mine that has a photography business. It will be nice to have a good quality photo that is not the standard pose shoot you get at other big chain places. So I am hoping there is no rain on Saturday. It was rained out last weekend.

We have a part time nanny now that helps with Zoe in the afternoons her name is Amelia. Zoe seems to like her. She also comes on weekends sometimes and takes Zoe on an outing so she isn’t stuck at home because of Ainsley’s schedule.

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