My thoughts about the new House

I have not really told many people about our plans because I am a worrier. I don’t want to say anything until we know for sure everything is going to happen. At this stage everything is moving smoothly and closing on the property looks like a sure thing.

I was not really enthusiastic to build a house because when I think about it I think about the million small things you need to do before they house is ready to move in such as: Find the land, find a spot to put the house, make sure the house you want can go there, get permits, get contractors (also hope they are reliable so you are not let hanging), agree on a home design, pick out flooring, fixtures, doors and every other detail and a whole lot of other stuff. There will be many meetings and as Steve has to work to pay for this house (which I am sure will be amazing and I will love) that leaves me to be the one that will likely end up having to go to the meetings and make decisions based on what Steve and I have talked about. Of course I could just do what I want and say you weren’t there so I just had to make a decision.

Steve did what he often does when I am not completely on board with something he wants he starts talking about it and when I resist he drops it for awhile then brings it up again. He finally found a piece of land I could not really find fault with. He also said I could have a separate building for my craft space. I think he did that to convince me to do this knowing I would really like that and because he hates all the stuff in the house that I have now. It worked.

As this process goes ahead I think the difference in the way Steve and I think will be very prominent. He thinks big picture and I think all the small steps to get there. He already has a clear vision of what our house will look like I do not. Hopefully the two different ways of thinking will both be an asset to the process.

When we are all done we will have a house party and in the summers there will be lots of picnics and play in our big field. Maybe even some fishing in our pond.

One thought on “My thoughts about the new House

  1. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the openness, and +1 for the last paragraph about friends and picnics. My biased perspective – all said and done Christina’s attention to detail and Steve’s vision (even if executed 50%) will result in a remarkable house. But won’t be able to beat what the kids and their friends do with the space – the picnics, games, and more. You’ll bring the beauty, they’ll bring the joy. Looking forward to following along as the project progresses.

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