Good news & bad news

We have been making good progress on the feasibility phase on our land offer contingencies.  Unfortunately this has turned up a few problems.  The first is the current well, which is clean (approved by the health board) and high volume (~40 gallons per minute) is likely out of code.  Too close to the pond and maybe the property boundary.  So we will likely need to drill a new well.  We are going back to the owner with a price adjustment to cover the costs of the new well.

On the good news side the Geotech company said they saw no problems and advised against any further analysis on this front until we are ready to build the foundation.  So that is that out of the way.  The company that was reviewing for septic systems also indicated there were a couple of decent spots for septic systems that will cover the size of house we are planning to build.  This also conflicts with the current well, so we may have had to move it anyways.

If we can get the well issue resolve the only other challenge ahead on the feasibility front is getting the county out to review the site for critical areas.  We will likely have a consultant come out first to see if they see any potential issues.  Holding off on that until we get the well issue resolved with the seller.

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