On-going feasibility challenges

We had to get an extension on the feasibility period on our land offer.  We now have until February 6th to decide if we are going to move forward with purchasing the property.  Christina and I met with the architect firm that is doing the feasibility this morning.  We had a consultant from an environmental firm out last week to look at the property and unfortunately learnt that much of the property will be considered wetlands.  Fortunately this doesn’t necessarily put our building plans at risk, as the part that is considered a wetland critical area is the big field, which is not where we were planning building.   The problem is that there will be a buffer around the wetland area that may encroach on the area we wanted to build.

Our architect and the environmental consultant will visit the county planning department on Thursday to get a preliminary feel for how flexible they will be and then we will need to make a decision.  Unfortunately we can’t get a definitive answer on where we can build until we officially apply for a ruling and that will likely take six months, so we eventually will have to take some risk, but we want as much information as we get before we make that decision.

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