Feasability ongoing

We walked the property with our architect on Friday so he could show us approximately where he thinks the buffer would be in relation to our building area.  While we were there we discovered a lot of water running down the hill to the pond that we have not seen previously.  We are hoping this drys up before Monday when the lady doing the wetlands study comes out to asses and mark the buffers officially on the property.

Our architect has told us that he gets the sense that she really wants to work with us as there is no critical area and no plant or animals are in the areas.  It is mostly due to soil type and a kind of weed thing that grows in wetland areas that it is classified as that.  I will hopefully be going out on Monday to walk the property with them when they go.

We have to give the go ahead by Wednesday.  Of course Steve is out of town for work so I am going to be doing this myself this week.  At that point we are saying we are satisfied or not with the feasibility.  If it is a go then we move to closing.  After that getting the wetlands study accepted by the county which can take up to 6 months.  The lady our architects have recommended is one the county deals with regular y and has a very good reputation with them so they may just accept her findings and not worry about sending their own person out to confirm her findings.  That would be best case.

During that time we will start designing the actual house based on the report we have submitted to the county.  Then if they approve it as is we will be ready to go to submit building permits.  That could be another 3 months or so for approval.  Which means it is likely that the earliest we would start building is 9 months from now then probably another 12 months for construction.  So maybe by Christmas 2014 we will be done.

I am hoping we have at least a informal design done on the house before we go to Hawaii.

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