Design process begins

We spent the day from 9:30-5 with the Architect talking about how we wanted to use our new house and what function we wanted.  We spent 2 hours discussing entryways.  We also discussed great room, dining, and kitchen spaces.

This part I think is easier for Steve because he can visualize the space and size of rooms.  I need to be in the space to be able to tell how big it is.  We now have to figure out how many feet of storage we want in our mudroom area.  While I can see in my mind what I want I cannot figure out how much space it requires.  This will be Steves job.

We go back on Friday to talk more this time for 4 hours.  There will likely be a couple more full days of talks before they have a rough sketch of a floor plan.

Steve and I have been able to agree on most things and compromise.  He did not really say much about the kitchen and let me run with it and I will leave the den/library to him.  I do think the den/library should be close to our room so that it will be a quiet space for him to escape to and work in.  We did disagree about a bathroom that would be accessed from outside and not connected to the inside of the house.  Steve was for it so the girls wouldn’t have to come in and take their shoes off to use bathroom I was against because there are other things I would much rather have.

After all of this part the hard part is going to be the reality phase where we figure out if the house we have now created is in our budget.  We had discussed the budget with the architect so they are aware of what our ball park is.

I am sure Steve will be sharing his thoughts.  So far this process while a bit long does have merit.  It is helpful to have someone give suggestions and say why they think that may or may not work for you.  Ultimately we do decide but we would be foolish not to listen to people who have experience and at least consider what they say.

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