Good Luck Dave

Well we have finished deciding what the inside of our home should contain and now the architect has the job of drawing out what it will look like.  The exterior of the home has proved to be a challenge.  Steve likes the more modern look of glass walls and flat sloped roofs.  I like the more traditional look of peaked roofs and while I do like windows I prefer not to live in a glass box.  As these two styles are so far off from each other the challenge becomes finding a compromise.  I also think the way I envision the inside of the house reflects the way I see the outside.  I can’t imagine the visual I have for the inside having the outside Steve likes.

We have spent hours searching through photos trying to find things we agree on and have each picked three that the other is ok with.  There are 5 in total.  We overlapped on one.  We are hoping that with that Dave will be able to come up with something preliminary before we go to Hawaii.

I have found this whole process a bit overwhelming.  As it is a custom home you have many decisions to make.  We have not even gotten to the finishes which I am trying to get Steve to start thinking about now.  He said at the beginning I could pick whatever I wanted but he did not mean that.  I am sure that Dave will give suggestions based on his experience and that will further confuse the issue.  I could have everything set in my mind then he will have a suggestion and gives us the reason why which usually makes sense and then our plans are out the window.

The square footage is quite large on the home.  Originally Steve had said the guest room would be in my craft cabin.  I did not think this was the best solution because when the people who visit most frequently his parents come they want to see the kids.  I thought it would be nice to have it be in the house not isolated.  In the end he agreed.  There will still be a little living space in the craft cabin.  (Although we have not started that yet)  So now we have 5 bedrooms.  Our room, the girls each have a room, au pair room, and guest room.  I have considered having the girls share a room but I remember sharing with my sister and it was such a hassle.  I also think then they can have their rooms as their private space to go when they need quiet time.  I think Zoe is starting to be like me and is much happier when she gets some down time.

We have also decided to get small walk-in closets for the girls rooms.  Zoe really wanted one and I think it will be better as we don’t want dressers in the room.  Also I hate the folding doors and would rather have pocket doors so this works.  They will be small but you will be able to step into them.

Our Architect Dave asked us to think about long term in the house when we designed it.  This came up when we had 5 bedrooms because at some point that will be too many.  But once the girls move out we could sell and move somewhere so I didn’t see the problem.  I suggested we put less built ins in the rooms so that they can be re purposed as we don’t need them.  Such as the Au Pair room.  At some point the kids will be too old and Zoe could move to that room if she wanted more privacy, it could be an extra guest room, office, or hobby room if one of the girls needs it.  Maybe we will fill it with horse related items. 🙂

Steve and I have been together almost 25 years now and have been through good and bad times but I think this may be one of the hardest things we have done together.  I am sure it will make us closer and stronger in the end but right now I think we both want to strangle the other sometimes.  I know he often looks at me like I am totally nuts when I say something and I do the same to him.  And hey if it makes us need space I will just go live in my craft cabin for a bit lol

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