Programming Process

Ok this is not programming in the way the computer geeks out there will think.  We are in the programming phase of our home building.  This entails sitting for hours and hours with the Architect and going over in detail what we want in every room and where we want it located in relation to the other rooms.  It took over an hour and a half to talk about the entry from the garage.  What I would call the mudroom but the Architect calls the postern.

I lost my fight for the separate dining room for our big dining table and butlers pantry.  In the end I was convinced for the amount of time we would use the room it was not worth allocating the space.  So it will be open plan with kitchen/dining/great room.  Our big table will be out in the open.  We were going to have an eating nook built into the kitchen but with some seating at the island and the huge dining table I thought it was a bit redundant.

Our master bedroom ended up being smaller than we were thinking.  We are taking the tv out of it and going to have a separate sitting area for reading and watching tv.  I think this will make our room less cluttered and more cozy and restful.  Our bathroom was interesting too.  Steve wants a walk through shower.  He doesn’t want to feel like he is on display when he is in the shower.  Right now the kids like to hang out in the bathroom and one of Ainsley’s favourite things is to watch you in the shower.  She always says “I want to watch you” lol.  I am hoping when we move they spend less time in our area and we will have a lock on our bathroom door.  I don’t want to feel like I am showering in a dark cave.  He said there could be frosted windows to the outside in the shower but I also don’t want to put a show on for anyone.  Although it is very private.

Well this is a long post so I will post more as we go along.  I will also try to get some pictures up of the current buildings on the property.  I have not seen inside the house because we are not able to get in it is locked and dead bolted.  We can unlock it but not get the deadbolt open.  I did peek in some windows.

So far I have discovered that what I went in thinking I wanted is not really what I wanted.  The David (the Architect) keeps asking us questions and showing us pictures of other homes they have done that cause us to change our minds.  One house they did nicknamed the Hobbit House because of the round door is amazing.  I loved the kitchen but it was made for the lady of the house who is an avid cook and does dinner parties with plated meals.  It is way more kitchen then I would ever need.  I do hope to cook more once we move in and I have an amazing kitchen.

The kitchen was something I had not thought of except you see the pictures of the huge kitchens with the island and all the bells and whistles and think wow.  Well David chatted with us about function and asked how I cooked. When Steve finally stopped laughing about my cooking.  I told him that my cooking was very chaotic and I was not an organized cook.  He then told us about how the kitchen should be arranged.  The prep area with a sink likely on the island, the clean up area with a sink and where the dishwasher is located also where the dishes are stored, and the hot area where the cooking is done.  These areas are all separate and can have people using them at the same time even without having a huge kitchen.  Maybe the dishes get stored in a floor to ceiling cupboard so those of us that can not reach past the second shelf in our upper cupboards have an easier time and the kids are also able to then help with clean up.  I am planning on getting two ovens in there.  One of which will be under the cook top which in our home now is a storage area for garbage bags and other such things.  David has given us lots of ideas for storage of appliances and has convinced me to get the thing that your mixer sits on and pops up to counter level so you don’t have to lift it.  So perhaps I will use my kitchen aide mixer more.  Or as I have offered to one friend perhaps my friends that can cook will come teach me in exchange for a night or two in my craft cabin.  I also had someone ask if they could come cook in my kitchen and I said anytime as long as I got to eat the food.

We also are now going to have a three level house with a walk out basement.  Which was not really something I was looking for.  Again David suggested that maybe the playroom be downstairs because as the kids got older they would have a place to hang out that was out of the way.  In the end we agreed and it worked out because we may put the media room, exercise room (maybe we will use it 🙂 ) and au pair room downstairs.  This means our au pair would have the playroom area as a tv room/hang out space when she was not working when the kids are in bed and would be able to come and go from the house through the basement.

Our laundry room was a bit up in the air.  Upper level by bedrooms which I have now.  I find I do the laundry put in the the basket back in the room and then it sits there until it is worn then it starts again.  When my laundry was on the lower level I folded the laundry while watching tv took it up and put it away.  In the end we decided to put the laundry in the postern/mudroom on the main floor.  This will also mean the au pair will go up one level to the laundry room and it will be extra exercise for me to take my stuff up and down the stairs.  I may be sorry about this decision but oh well.

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