Preliminary Floor Plans.

We spent a few hours at the architects reviewing preliminary floor plans today.  Here is what we have so far.

Main Floor


The side of the house with the family room, dining room and kitchen will be facing the pond and field.  That whole area is open and will have a cascading ceiling.   The dining room higher than the kitchen, and the family room higher than the dining room.  Outside of the dining room will be a cover patio, where you can see the BBQ sketched in.

Upper Floor


The upper floor has the bedrooms.  With a nice reading nook off of the master bedroom that is a few stairs up and separated from the main bedroom.

Lower Floor


The lower floor will be a daylight basement, with a entrance to a small covered patio off of the rec room.

We have made a few modification to these plans at the architects today, but nothing major. Next step is to start working on the exterior and elevations.

One thought on “Preliminary Floor Plans.

  1. I came to the conclusion that I will not be getting the exterior that I want with the inside that I want. I will be spending more time looking at the inside of my house than the outside so I will just have to live with it. Next Tuesday we will get to see the preliminary exterior elevation. I have asked for a peaked roof at the entry if possible so I do get a small amount my own way.

    We are now going to have to start figuring out the items for the interior so we can get bids on construction when we have the elevation and interior sorted. So much fun. I will be happy when the construction is started.

    Steve was nice enough to cut out squares the size of our current rooms so I could see the difference between our current and new rooms. Most are about the same but laid out better. Our bedroom will be a bit smaller though which is good because currently much of the space is wasted.

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